We are the Leaders in Virtual and Hybrid Events Space: Vikash Samota, MultiTV

Industry Watch | February 25, 2021 | Promo Feature

MultiTV Vikash Samota

MultiTV, leading innovators and providers of OTT platform and virtual event solutions across the world, thrive on delivering exceptional online video experiences with best-in-class technology. It offers virtual events, live streaming, OTT video tech platform and video tech stack for all business video needs.

MultiTV aims to empower and create a next-level digital video ecosystem, help businesses with cutting-edge technology products to leverage the growing digital video consumption among audiences.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS Media, Vikash Samota, Founder, MultiTV, shares insights on the functioning at MultiTv, its various offerings, their USP,  virtual events and hybrid events, strategies to sustain physical events, vision for the company and more.

Tell us about the functioning at MultiTv. What are some event solutions provided by the platform?

We are on a mission to alter the way people interact with the power of video, transcending all geographical and cultural barriers. In the age of an incredible increase in video consumption, we provide an end-to-end video platform with our core product being BeLive. BeLive is a live-streaming platform that powers any kind of virtual event, be it a product launch, exhibition, webinar or a sales conference. Some of the biggest names in the industry like Lava, Astra Zeneca and Eli Lilly and Company have partnered with MultiTV for their large-scale virtual events. For more on our success stories with clients click here

Share some insights on the various offerings by MultiTv. What is its USP?

We at MultiTV provide an entire digital video ecosystem for our customers. Our key products are BeLIVE and Creator. BeLIVE, our virtual events platform, is the largest video capture and distribution service in India and has live-streamed 1000+ branded events. Creator, on the other hand, is our end-to-end white-label OTT solution that supports 100+ million viewers yearly.

Our USP has been our client-first approach and we provide an all-in-one 360-degree video solution for our customers, customized to their specific needs. We are also proud owners of a rich and completely in-house tech-stack, and have partnered with 50+ studios. We deeply care about our customers, dive deeper, and our team with core video technology expertise brings out offerings that meet their requirements.

What are your comments on the future of virtual events and hybrid events?

The pandemic forced a lot of companies and event organizers to go virtual. What was a difficult transition at first, started becoming a major opportunity for organizations to leverage the flexibility and the monetary benefits virtual events provided. We did not imagine virtual events turning into the primary tool of engaging customers and employees, but with the pandemic the adoption of virtual event platforms was quick. Even when things go back to normal, an interesting blend of both physical and virtual events i.e. a hybrid events will be the way the event industry moves forward.

According to you, what should be the strategies to sustain physical events?

One thing that was largely seen during the pandemic was that people wanted to feel safe. Conducting physical events post the Covid world will be challenging and event professionals will have to find the right mix of virtual and on-location attendees so that they are able to maintain the required social distancing norms in their hybrid events. Hygiene is also an important aspect that organizers need to keep in mind while creating protocols for their event. They would have to leverage technology to provide contactless solutions for their attendees.

What are your goals and vision for the company and the event industry?

A lot of events that were initially postponed due to Covid 19 were powered virtually by MultiTV. By March this year, we expect 50 pc revenue each from both Creator and BeLIVE. We are trying to expand our global footprint in new markets such as the US and Europe and are aiming for $100 million turnover in the next three years.

Event organizers in various sectors are warming up to the idea of live-streaming platforms to conduct sales conferences, product launches, and cultural events. So, I am very optimistic about the explosive growth in virtual events and the video industry and the role MultiTV will play in this journey.

The Founder of the video tech company offering OTT and virtual event solutions, among others, shares insights on the offerings, growth during the lockdown and strategies for the future.

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