Helping our Clients Create a ‘Near To Real’ Event Experience, Say Encore Events Heads

Industry Watch | March 1, 2021 | Promo Feature

Nilesh Naik Edwin Paul Hansel Lionel Encore Events

Encore Events is one of the leading event management companies providing event services and a memorable experience to their clients across India. As a creative company, with a team of enthusiastic individuals, Encore Events provides services to both corporate and private clients. Encore Events’ unique ideas, artistic designs, creative imagination and an eye for design detail are unparalleled and that is what differentiates them from competitors.

Here, Nilesh Naik, Edwin Paul and Hansel Lionel, all Directors of Encore events, share insights on their journey from setting up of the company, the challenges they faced over the years, and how they transitioned from physical to hosting a number of virtual corporate events during the lock-down, their recent work, future initiatives planned and more.

Setting Up Encore Events

Since inception in 2013, Encore Events and Promotions with its unique concepts, planning, and creativity executed some of the most noteworthy corporate events.

Our creative, dedicated, and enthusiastic team ensures that important moments/events create a lasting memory for our customers, since memorable events don't just happen they need to be crafted to perfection to leave an Impact. Taking thought of Kennedy, “Crisis is a Combination of Danger and Opportunity.”

Biggest Challenges

Every time a crisis has hit the industry, it creates an opportunity for new things, as an outcome of the global pandemic the entire world was compelled to look into alternatives for business continuity.

That's when we stepped into the Virtual Arena and helped our customers to create a ‘Near To Real’ event experience from the comfort of your office / home.

Amidst the pandemic, the industry immersed itself into the world of virtual possibilities with various innovations and techniques of doing the same thing in different ways. Here are excerpts by Encore directors Nilesh Naik, Edwin Paul and Hansel Lionel shedding light upon their work during the outbreak. 

Recent Events

Our recent event production was for APEX2021. This unique event left the audience mesmerized with the galactic theme which included unique lobby design, track rooms, auditorium with live streaming with a number of stage options using VFX, award ceremonies, 3D avatars for all winners and presenters with a 95 percent replication accuracy we also included games, quizzes, live polls for audience engagement.

Future Initiatives

We, at Encore, understand that "change is constant" and we need to adapt to it despite the challenges that are thrown at us. This pandemic transformed us from executing physical events to venturing into the "Virtual Event Space". We perceive the future of events to be a hybrid - combination of physical and virtual together for a better reach in the audience. "WE ARE GAME FOR IT. ARE YOU?"

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Nilesh Naik, Edwin Paul and Hansel Lionel, Directors of Encore Events, share insights on their journey, challenges during the lockdown, recent work and future initiatives.

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