Shor Police to Reinterpret the Works of John Mayer in Paytm Insider’s Jim Beam Originals

Entertainment | February 17, 2021 | News

Shor Police Paytm Insider Jim Beam Originalsr

Shor Police, a band comprising composer-producer-arranger Clinton Cerejo and the vocalist Bianca Gomes, will reinterpret the works of John Mayer in the upcoming edition of Paytm Insider’s Jim Beam Originals. The show is scheduled for February 27, online on Paytm Insider’s new interactive live player.

Clinton Cerejo has composed the film scores for films like Kahaani, Teen, Jugni, Badla, and DedhIshqiya, as well as produced and arranged music for movies like Lagaan, DilChahta Hai, Omkaara, Kaminey, amongst others. Renowned in India for his ability to elevate genres and bend their rules ever so gently, Clinton’s Shor Police is a fitting choice for taking on the John Mayer setlist.

Shor Police said, “John Mayer is one of the most intelligent song-writers of our time. It’s very rare these days to find an album where almost each and every song is gold. John Mayer has that with each of his songs. Doesn’t matter when he composed them, they always sound current and so relatable. We’re definitely going to be infusing more retro synths into the production and make these songs feel more hybrid. We’re also re-harmonising some of these classics while retaining their original flavour.”

Speaking of hybrid, Bianca Gomes certainly brings in her extensive experience of seamlessly blending genres to the inimitable sound of Shor Police. Her film credits include English Vinglish, TE3N, Ekk Main Aur Ek Tu, Kahaani 2 as well as two seasons of Coke Studio.

It’s not surprising then that the duo decided on multiple Grammy-winning John Mayer’s discography. Mayer achieved stratospheric fame with his acoustic guitar-driven song-writing, particularly for his concert-regular hit ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’.

Clinton Cerejo said, “We’ve tried to be true to the ethos of John Mayer’s song-writing, while still bringing these songs into our sonic world. What was interesting for us is when we decided that even though John Mayer is a guitar-centric song-writer, we don’t necessarily need to be guitar-centric with our approach. Once we got past that in our heads, it was really fun putting our own spin on these tracks and we think the audience is going to love these versions.”

Tickets for the concerts on Feb 27 are priced at Rs 99.

The online show is scheduled for February 27 on Paytm Insider’s new interactive live player.

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