Vision for Wiz365 is to Build a Bridge Between the Physical and Virtual Worlds, Says Sumanyu Soniwal

Industry Watch | February 22, 2021 | Promo Feature

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WizTales, a pioneer in providing technological solutions for the events industry, recently launched a virtual events platform ‘Wiz365’; an intelligent and customizable virtual event platform to host your conferences, corporate and networking events. It is a visually-rich online platform that allows organizations to connect to global audiences, network, listen to speakers, organize and invite various exhibitors to set up their stalls and launch products virtually.

Tell us about the functioning of Wiz365. What are some pre-event, in-event and post-event solutions provided by the platform?
Wiz365 is specially designed to host interactive virtual events, meetups, conferences, workshops, and expos. Apart from letting businesses host their events virtually, we help them at every step along the way with our endless features.

So, while you are still planning the event we help with your initial set-up to host a paid / free event, customize your landing page to help you generate the required buzz, make sure your registration process is seamless, and streamline reminder emails to your registered participants. We believe in tailoring the entire event platform to best reflect the brand. With almost 5 new features being built and incorporated every week based on demand, we keep customization at the heart of Wiz365.

Our Live Event is a complete experience. The platform allows broadcasting of events in full HD with adaptive streaming giving our viewers best quality across devices even in low bandwidth. To boost viewer participation, our Live Events are equipped with Live Chats, Q&A, Polling &some fascinating reactions. Wiz365 holds it’s strength in the way how participants can network with each other. Our highly appreciated UX allow participants to network using private chat, video conferencing & networking rooms in the most intuitive way possible. Participants on our platform love how we have gamified the entire Virtual Event Experience by incorporating leaderboards based on the activities they perform and by engaging into a gazillion engagement options that we offer.

There is plenty on plate for Stall owners as well. With our state-of-the-art stall configurators, live group video conferencing, live chat, lead collection, AR Product Showcase and a lot more, stall owners at our Virtual Expos find the experience even more convenient and more rewarding than the physical expos. 

In a live event, our detailed Live Analytics marking the movement of the participants coupled with CTA Notifications helps us target the audience to different parts of the entire virtual experience.

Post the event we furnish with a detailed drilled down analytics of each participant on the platform with specifics like the number of impressions, unique visits and average time spent patterns. The events are auto-archived in upto 4k post the completion of the event.

What are the USPs of Wiz365? What makes the platform unique compared to its competitors
Intuitive, lightweight and extremely interactive, are a few words from our clients and participants that describe Wiz365. Wiz365’s versatility is its main USP. We provide Wiz365 under two models viz. The DIY Model and Managed Services Model. With the DIY model, the event organizers can set up their own events with their own creatives completely under an hour, making it easy for them to take control of their own event. Our managed services model thrives on customization & curation capabilities that our team brings to the table and make your virtual event a grand success.

Wiz365 includes the largest pool of live engagement features in the market with over 50 options to choose from. Ranging from AI-based Photobooth, 3D Treasure Hunts to automated Live Musical Tambola, we have developed & incorporated some mind-blowing engagement capabilities in the platform.

How does Wiz365 empower organizations to increase engagement during live events?
With Wiz365, hosts can broadcast their event live and engage their audience via live chats, Q&A sessions, pop-up polls and live reactions. We also create roundtables so that participants can interact with each other and grow their network. The whole virtual event space can be gamified with Wiz365 and attendees can play games across the platform.

Share some examples of the major work done by Wiz365 recently.
We’ve hosted events with some of the most renowned companies around the world including the likes of Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Mphasis, BNI and Ernst & Young. One of our exemplary work had been with IKP, where we hosted full-fledged expo with more than 300 participating startups and companies seeking for investment. Startups had the capability to customize each and every aspect of their stall, do group video call with judges, chat with viewers, present their ideas through their uploaded brochures, generate leads etc. We were also behind the successful execution of Ernst & Young’s yearly Olympiad and Rewards.

What are your future plans? According to you, will virtual events be relevant post- pandemic?
Pandemic has for sure changed the way how we’ll see the events going forward. The vision for Wiz365 post the pandemic is to build a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds- so that hosts and participants can enjoy the best of both worlds and increase their reach exponentially. We hope to make events more connected and technologically advanced. Wiztales has always been a front-runner in event tech space and we’ll continue to do so post-pandemic.

In an interview with EVENTFAQs Media, Sumanyu Soniwal, Director, Wiztales, shares insights on the new virtual events platform Wiz365, increasing engagement during live events, future plans and more.

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