My Vision is to See India as a Country that Recycles 100% of its Plastic: Anjana Ghosh, Bisleri

Industry Watch | February 4, 2021 | Interview

Bisleri Anjana Ghosh

Anjana Ghosh, Director, Marketing & Business Development, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, is a marketer who believes in doing new things every day. “It is critical to know the consumer well and create innovations and services to cater to his/her ever-changing requirements,” she says, bringing in insights gathered over 15 years working in the steel industry and then roughly the same number of years at Bisleri since June, 2006. While her hallmark has been innovation, her vision is to see India as the only country in the world which recycles 100% of its plastic. To Ghosh’s credit are innovations ranging from regional language Bisleri labels to limited edition celebration packaging, to the much talked about camel ad 'Samajhdaar Jaante Hain' to launch of a new business vertical, Bisleri@Doorstep, during the lockdown, to venturing into a new category of hand purifiers, the Bisleri Hygiene Care line.

Also to Ghosh’s credit is Bisleri’s journey from ‘Blue’ to ‘Green’ brand imagery, that changed the perception about the brand and increased demand for it. “The company has a huge presence in India and the neighbouring countries with 125 operational plants and a network of 4,000 distributors. A great team, timely delivery, agility and being focused on cultural transformation led to this change-over from Blue to Green that brings freshness, drives positivity, uncluttered and is pleasing to the eye,” says Ghosh.

The experiential marketing opportunity 
Now that the Government is easing COVID restrictions, and offices as well as retail outlets are re-opening, and events too have an on-ground presence, Ghosh sees an opportunity to use activations to market the company’s new line of products.“With the onset of the pandemic, we were in the days of digital and online marketing; 2020 has been a year of virtual events and lead generation rather than on-ground activations. However, now we may look at on-ground activations to place our Bisleri Hygiene Care products in the market, at retail outlets, malls and stand-alone shops,” says Ghosh, adding that during the pandemic, Bisleri did a lot of direct selling with pharmacies, a category of outlets that earlier didn’t store water, but adapted to the lockdown and the changed way of doing business. “As an essential service, we realised it as an opportunity to stock our products there,” she adds.

‘Recycle plastic, do not put it in waste bins’
Ghosh’s pet project is the ‘Bottles for Change’ initiative to support plastic recycling, and it has been gathering momentum since its launch. The company even made employee uniforms with recycled plastic sometime back! For the events and experiential industry, where temporary structures are fabricated and then demolished after use in events, and plastic is used in décor and catering too, the drive for plastic recycling is indeed relevant. Ghosh’s premise is that plastic is not ‘waste’ - it’s a valuable resource which should be recycled, not put in waste bins.

Talking about the initiative, Ghosh says, “Bottles for Change aims to create awareness among citizens about the importance of source segregation of clean plastic for recycling, thereby ensuring no plastic goes to the landfills. Till now, it has touched 6 lakh individuals, 800 housing societies and over 400 corporates, generating awareness about recycling, and has recycled more than 5,000 tonnes of segregated clean plastic to various manufacturing industries. We have successfully activated communities and corporates and more than 200 schools directly in Mumbai, and launched this programme in the South and North. Citizens need to see its value and contribute towards a cleaner environment tomorrow.”

The effort has extended to tie-ups with various recyclers across the country to produce useful things out of recycled plastic. “India recycles 60% of the plastic that it produces, balance 40% lies around in dump yards and adds to landfills because they are disposed unclean and filthy,” Ghosh observes. “My vision is to see India as the only country in the world which recycles 100% of its plastic.”

Ghosh, brain behind the ‘Bottles for Change’ initiative to support plastic recycling, now wants to use activations at retail outlets, malls and standalone shops to market Bisleri Hygiene Care products

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