Industry Mourns Demise of Dance Specialist Sujit Kayal, Founder and Creative Head of DanceSmith

Industry Watch | January 29, 2021 | News

Sujit Kayal DanceSmith EEMA

Sujit Kayal, founder of leading professional dance performance and production company DanceSmith, passed away on Friday, January 29. The events and entertainment industry witnessed an outpouring of grief, saddened by the untimely loss.

Kayal, a reputed creative live entertainment content developer, a specialist in corporate and wedding choreography, was known for his compassion towards performing arts and artistes.

Kayal started his career as a computer programmer. The creative side of his personality drew him to the advertising industry and took him to Delhi in 1992. Once there, he explored the events industry and became interested in it. After many accomplishments in the field of events as well as in advertising, he turned to producing live entertainment content for event managers and wedding planners.

He started DanceSmith in 2012 as an experimental performing arts group, and registered it as a professional company in 2014, tweaking its form and producing Bollywood-style performances of international standards to meet India’s growing appetite for Bollywood entertainment. Kayal’s USP was fusing Bollywood-style dance with traditional Indian classical dance forms of Kathak, Odissi, Bharatanatyam, as well as Indian folk dances like Bihu, Lavani, Garba, Bhangra, Chhau, etc. His dance routines were his interpretation of the rich cultural heritage of India, bringing newness to the traditional Indian dance forms. His efforts were recognized by EEMA, with a Spotlight Award for DanceSmith in 2017.

DanceSmith is affiliated with UNESCO and offers certification from the International Dance Council. It is also empanelled by ICCR.

A tweet from the Event & Entertainment Management Association of India (EEMA) paid tribute to Sujit Kayal thus:

“EEMA is saddened by the demise of Mr Sujit Kayal, Founder, DanceSmith. We will always remember your compassion towards performing arts and artistes. It has been truly a big loss to the event and entertainment industry today.”


Sujit Kayal, founder of DanceSmith, passed away on January 29. The events and entertainment industry saw an outpouring of grief over this loss

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