Platoo 2.0: Set to Change the Game for Virtual Events

Industry Watch | January 27, 2021 | Promo Feature

Platoo Platoo 2.0 Wishmakers

After launching Platoo, a do-it-yourself virtual events platform in October 2020, Shiva Sureka, Director, Wishmakers has announced Platoo 2.0, that will offer a one-stop solution for event agencies, empowering them to take control of their virtual events.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines ‘2.0’ as an adjective used to describe a new and improved version of something or someone. True to definition, Platoo 2.0 doesn’t just represent a technology upgrade, “but also our levelling up as events industry professionals”, according to Sureka. 

Over the last year, small and large organizations have embraced virtual events for all purposes- experiences, workshops, learning programmes, family get-togethers, socials, weddings, conferences, webinars and MICE events. 

Let’s look at the top five parameters that influence your decision when choosing a platform to host your next virtual event- Features, Capability, Data, Time and Cost- though not necessarily in that order. To know more, visit

Here’s why Platoo 2.0 isn’t just a virtual events platform, but a breakthrough for the events industry:

1. FEATURES: Platoo 2.0 creates an immersive, interactive 3D world that not only matches expectations but exceeds it. From fully customizable auditoriums to virtual meeting rooms with in-built interactions (chats, polls and Q&A) to feature-loaded virtual booths, there are a number of tools to market your brand effectively. Platoo 2.0 is delightfully dynamic, being the only platform offering real-time edits in your virtual event agenda.

2. CAPABILITY: The true power of tech is in being intuitive and simple. Platoo 2.0’s ultra-powerful dashboard allows you flexibility and control of your virtual event with just a few clicks and links. When we say power, we mean the load capacity of the platform- handling up to 50,000 concurrent requests per second, with a load time of less than 10 seconds. This means, you get a fully optimized, cloud-based engine allowing you to scale up or down as needed. To visit the experience centre, visit

3. DATA: If data is the new oil, get ready to have a gleaming, well-oiled data machine running for you. Platoo 2.0 is one of the few platforms to have cloud based data analytics and in-built analytics dashboard. This gives you the potential to analyse and make sense of petabytes of data- all integrated into your dashboard. 

4. TIME: With every aspect and modality of your virtual event built into the Platoo 2.0 dashboard, you save big on time. Creating a full-fledged event is now as simple as creating a Facebook account. On an average, you can put up a full-fledged virtual event in under 60 minutes. Because you don’t need additional IT or Tech support, your team can quickly learn how to create demos and real-time events on Platoo 2.0Click here to book a Demo.

5. COST: Talk about saving the best for last! Can you imagine hosting a 100-attende evirtual event for just Rs 5,000? Let’s sweeten the deal with a free first-month trial. Platoo 2.0 is the most cost-effective platform in India today, with platform optimization and a ready-to-use framework giving you an unprecedented cost advantage.

For agencies with basic design capabilities, it’s a complete Do-It-Yourself kit that you unlock. Check out Platoo 2.0 for yourself by clicking on the link here.

Here’s why Platoo 2.0 isn’t just a virtual events platform, but a breakthrough for the events industry.

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