BToS Studios is a Place for Event Managers to Develop Good Content for Events: Nazeef Mohammed

Industry Watch | January 8, 2021 | News

BTOS Productions BToS Studios Nazeef Mohammed

After delivering on-ground and on-screen experiences over the last five years, BToS Productions has now launched ‘BToS Studios’ - a one-stop destination for all virtual, hybrid and cinematic production work - located in Mumbai.

Combining cutting-edge technology, production expertise and highly skilled personnel, the studio will help with the shoot, production and post-production processes.

The studio is built with a mix of film cameras and broadcast cameras, lighting and sky lighting for chroma set-ups, a permanent LED set-up, sound, chroma settings, high-speed Internet and streaming solutions. It also has a hybrid stage set-up readily available with a large digital canvas and scenic lighting for an immersive concert experience. The studio also has green screen facilities, to shoot content that can eventually be transported to the virtual world. The green screen set-ups are equipped with sky panel lighting to enable optimal outputs for any imagination.

A one-stop-shop for all kinds of events

Speaking about the launch of the studio, Nazeef Mohammed, Director, BToS, said, “We have seen dramatic changes in our events industry and we are all adapting to it very quickly. As event managers, we are resilient and believe in the power of doing work, no matter what the situation is around us. Given that we need to move ahead and try to support each other, at BToS we have been proving best-on-ground and on-screen experiences and constantly challenging ourselves to improve and deliver top-notch experiences. We finally thought that event managers like us needed a facility that is events-friendly, which means we don’t have to struggle to put up a virtual or hybrid event. So here is a studio that allows you to present concerts, shoots, whatever is needed to prepare for a virtual event.”

Ready for bigger things ahead

BToS Studios is meant to be a playground for event managers to develop good content, to be able to place it in their virtual environments and deliver a great virtual product, Mohammed added. “This facility allows you to do all kinds of events. It becomes a one-stop location for any kind of activity. We have in-built LEDs, lights that are big enough to do scale-up concerts. With the studio, we decided to upscale the availability and be ready for bigger things, all under one roof. We have provided the best of everything in this, right from management personnel, to technicians, DOPs, directors and crew. I am reaching out to all event managers, artistes, organisers, artiste managers, production people, creative people to have a look at what we do so that they can be a part of the growth and we can be a part of their growth as well,” he explained.

Combining cutting edge technology, production expertise, highly skilled personnel, BToS Studios will help with shoot, production and post production processes.

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