#CongregationsIndia: Schemes Under New Tourism Policy in Rajasthan Start by March, Says Nishant Jain

Industry Watch | January 6, 2021 | News

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During the session ‘Can the Events Industry Cater to India’s Rejuvenated Religious Fervour Post the Pandemic?’ at the virtual ‘CONGREGATIONS INDIA: Government, Political, Sport & Religious Events Summit’ organised by EVENTFAQs Media on December 24, Nishant Jain, IAS, Director, Tourism Department, Rajasthan was in conversation with Sanjoy Roy, MD, Teamwork Arts on how Rajasthan will bounce back post-COVID and his learnings from the pandemic setback. 

Cultural events, Tourism inseparable
On taking over the position of Director of Rajasthan Tourism, a State that ranked 10 on domestic tourist visits in 2019 and 6 on international tourists, Nishant Jain said, “Rajasthan is known for its various fairs and festivals which keep up cultural vibrancy among domestic tourists. But due to the pandemic, we were not able to conduct these festivals. As the situation is easing now, we are planning to conduct some events and cultural festivals, with online and on-ground combination, to boost State tourism.”           

Sound and Light shows
On being asked by Sanjoy Roy about some opportunities for event managers to work hand-in-hand with the Rajasthan Government, Jain said, “Rajasthan has many sound and light shows currently going on, and we recently started one in Jaisalmer. There are seven locations in the State where we have received sponsorship from the Government of India to conduct sound and light shows and we are in the process of finalizing it. We have so many unexplored places in Rajasthan that we aim to promote. We are also focusing currently on planning the procedure for upcoming events and projects for Rajasthan as we are relatively free.”

New Tourism Policy 2020
Talking about the New Tourism Policy, 2020, Jain said, “We are yet to finalize schemes under the umbrella of the New Tourism Policy, we are working on it rapidly and hope to launch all the schemes by February or March.”

“A request from EVENTFAQS Media and EEMA before rolling it out, if an industry roundtable is conducted, we can also recommend ideas on the ease of doing business. What happens sometimes is that schemes are launched and then there are certain rules that make it difficult to execute them,” added Roy.

Rajasthan is one of the best destinations in India for MICE because of its infrastructure, hotels, roads and conference centers. Alluding to this, Nishant Jain shared, “MICE is our strength and we are working on an action plan to boost it in Rajasthan under the Tourism Policy.”

Jain said that as the situation is easing, they are planning to conduct some events and cultural festivals combining online and on-ground experiences to boost State tourism.

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