#CongregationsIndia: Events Industry Can Help Govt in COVID-19 Vaccination Drive - Amiya Swarup, EY

Industry Watch | December 31, 2020 | News

Congregations India Amiya Swarup Gittika Ganju Dhar Ministry of Talk Ernst and Young

Amiya Swarup, Director, Marketing and Advertising Advisory Services, EY, was in conversation with Gittika Ganju Dhar, artiste, actor and founder of Ministry of Talk on possible ways of collaboration between the Government and events industry at ‘CONGREGATIONS INDIA: Government, Political & Religious Events Summit’ organised by EVENTFAQS Media on December 24, 2020.

Finding new ways amidst COVID
On being asked about digital engagement and new ways of working, Swarup said, “Yes, we are all in the times of COVID crystal gazing, but let me assure you, neither the Government nor the events industry has stopped efforts towards finding new ways of working. Look at the positives - the communication and connect cannot cease to exist. The events industry plays a critical role in keeping that alive. It's empirical and important for the Government to keep the positivity going in times of the pandemic, and they're finding new ways of working as well. There are some events which have to be organized, and some events like Kumbh Mela, which is coming up, will just happen. Probably the Puri yatra and elections and certain sporting events too. The way I see it, there is time for the Government to make the most of these in the most cost-effective manner.”

Eyeballs for Government events
Saying that Government events have a high scope of grabbing eyeballs now, Swarup added, “Currently, the other events are on hold, which gives all the eyeballs to Government events. For the events industry and Government, I think the support is mutual. The Government conducts a lot of awareness programmes, a lot of communication programmes, and who walks the last mile? It's the events industry. Historically, culture, tourism and sports were fairly active ministries to conduct events, but now they would take a slight backseat to health and education.”

Events industry can support Govt
Swarup explained how taking a front seat on the health side is imperative, that vaccination and the scale at which it has to be done is phenomenal. He added, “I see the events industry as a support to the Government in carrying this out. There has to be large scale communication, large scale awareness, that on-ground and digital event companies are evolving, finding new ways of collaboration, maybe with a digital agency, and looking at how it can be propelled further.”

Golden time for events
Swarup concluded by saying, “I don't see human connect, will that cease to exist in the post-COVID era? I don't think so. Will digital take over? I don't think so. Yes, digital will definitely enable most of the events, most of the communication strategies, most of the direct-to-consumer engagements, which have to happen. So, this is the right time for Government events to take place and get the maximum eyeballs. This is the golden time for events, so keep the conversation alive. Listen to your community, better the tools to build a bridge across the digital divide and post COVID, this will translate into a much larger returns on the investment being done by the Government right now.”

Amiya Swarup advised event managers to listen to their community, better the tools to build a bridge across the digital divide.

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