Dabur’s ‘Shout Out Stress’ Activity Aims to Make People Forget Stress of 2020, Start Afresh in 2021

Marketing | December 30, 2020 | News

Dabur Shout Out Stress Primal Scream Therapy Stresscom

FMCG major Dabur India, known for its Ayurvedic and natural health care products, has just launched an on-ground activation called ‘Shout Out Stress’ under its Stresscom brand. The campaign has been launched in Delhi NCR, keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic, and designed to provide stress relief to citizens.

Year 2020 may have been the most stressful year in history for everyone in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So much has changed in our lives, causing an increase in mental health-related issues such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, general debility, and neurosis, in turn leading to hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. Therefore, Dabur Stresscom, an Ayurvedic stress relief medication, shouldered the responsibility to help people destress with ‘Shout Out Stress’, urging them to start afresh in 2021. This activity is a reminder that we need to work out our frustrations in a harmless way, so the weight of our stress does not impact our health and well-being negatively.

The sound-proof scream booth

As part of the campaign, Dabur created a sound-proof scream booth mounted atop a moving vehicle equipped with decibel meter and went to eight busy market areas of Delhi NCR and helped people destress through the ‘Scream Therapy’. The on-ground executing agency for this campaign was Marketing Architects Communication.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr Durga Prasad, GM - Marketing, Ethical Portfolio, Dabur India Limited, said, “The current times are filled with uncertainties and challenges for the human race. It is at times like these that an individual’s mind is under a lot of duress. We at Dabur believe that it’s our duty to help our communities in these stressful times through our products, which combine years of Ayurvedic medicinal knowledge acquired around the subject of mental health. Dabur Stresscom ‘Shout Out Stress’ is one such initiative where our aim is to create awareness and action around mental health and wellness. We intend to host more such sessions in future.”

“While conceptualizing the ‘Shout Out Stress’ campaign, also called ‘SOS’, we had to think through all the pandemic guidelines and at the same time, convince people of the hygiene and safety aspect through sanitization of the booth after every use. Data was captured through software to avoid physical contact with participants. The challenge was to create a sound-proof scream booth on a small vehicle to fit in the traffic and space concerns of busy markets of Delhi NCR. The success of the campaign is overwhelming,” said Ankur Rajgadhia of Marketing Architects Communication.

Under the aegis of its Ayurvedic stress relief medication brand Stresscom, Dabur creates ‘Scream Booth’ activation, following Primal Scream Therapy, to relieve people of stress

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