We’re Doing a Lot of Wedding Shows Now; It Feels Nice to Get Back Into the Groove: Benny Dayal

Entertainment | December 21, 2020 | Interview

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Acclaimed singer Benny Dayal, an enthusiastic voice behind many popular dance numbers in India, spoke to EVENTFAQs Media recently about his musical journey, collaborations, international tours, challenges faced, his projects, future plans and more.

Journey in the music industry
Recalling how his musical journey began and when he decided to pursue a career in singing, Benny Dayal says, “My musical journey began when I was 14. I realized I wanted to be a full-time musician when I was in my ninth grade, at Abu Dhabi. While going to school, I heard the ‘Dilse’ album for the first time and I was totally sold on it. I thought yes, this is the one thing that’s going to make me happy because I just really love music so much’. That’s how I did it.”

Dayal believes that collaborations, concerts and international tours are important in the Live entertainment industry. He recently added a spin to Bruno Mars numbers for Paytm Insider's Jim Beam Originals on December 19. He says, “It is very important to be collaborating because music can’t be done alone all the time. You need a collaborator in terms of musicians, a band, anything. So it’s the crux of making music. A very big thanks to Paytm Insider and Jim Beam originals for giving me an opportunity to do my original take on Bruno Mars’ hits for their recent show. It was a brilliant opportunity for me, and I'm really, really grateful.”

Becoming a Live artiste today
Talking about the challenges he faced in order to become a Live artiste, Dayal says, “It is a learning curve - you make a lot of mistakes, and then you realize that you were stupid, then you recover, and keep getting better, keep getting more seamless, keep getting seasoned, and also take care of your health at the same time. That's one of the main challenges - your voice and your health, you're travelling and you're gigging from city to city, it's crazy for my band and me. Currently, we're doing a lot of wedding shows, definitely before a limited crowd, but absolutely grateful that they are happening. It just feels nice to get back into the groove.”

Current projects and future plans
On various projects he undertook in the last few months and his future plans Dayal comments, “Well, I have been doing a lot of music, I have embarked upon my new EP which is going on. It’s called social media music. I've had two singles out, and am working on my third and fourth right now. So hopefully, these two things are my future plans. Besides that, of course, gigging will never stop. At the same time, writing a new album with my band, and all that stuff is very, very important to me. The various projects I have undertaken in the last few months - besides singing, I'm also doing a lot of dancing right now and I just want to embrace my dancing which I've left aside for many years. Now I’m beginning to show it to people. So yeah, I'm really grateful.”

In conversation with EVENTFAQs Media, acclaimed singer Benny Dayal talks about his musical journey, collaborations, international tours, challenges faced, his projects, future plans and more.

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