Percept Live Launches ‘Sunburn Academy’, an Academic Programme for Aspiring DJs and Music Producers

Marketing | December 7, 2020 | News

Sunburn Academy Sunburn Percept

Percept Live, creators of the electronic dance music festival Sunburn, have announced the launch of the ‘Sunburn Academy’, an intensive and interactive online academic programme exclusively curated for aspiring DJs and music producers. The ‘Beginners DJ Course’ is scheduled to start in the first week of January, 2021. 

Sunburn Academy will offer online programmes in the area of Music, Content and Event Production, designed for those wanting to pursue a career in the electronic music domain. The academy will offer three types of courses - Beginners’ Course, Intermediate Course and Advanced Course - to cater to multiple audiences and proficiencies.

The academy will be open to students in the age group of 15 to 39 years across metros and Tier I cities, and will welcome people from diverse walks of life including students, professionals and entrepreneurs. The academy aims to help aspiring talent learn the nuances and accurate techniques in the music world through a mix of theoretical, practical and interactive sessions.

Percept Live, organisers of the Sunburn EDM Festival, sees the academy as a way to give back to the industry

Through the academy, industry experts and musicians will interact with students, offering them insider access to DJ and production fundamentals and advanced industry insights including the technical, business, marketing, social, viral and creative side of building a brand as a DJ orproducer in the field of electronic music. The academy will also provide students with the Sunburn platform to showcase their skills and talent in front of a live global audience.

The ‘BeginnersDJ Course’ will accommodate 150+ students and run over a period of four weeks. Students will learn via the Zoom meeting app, take part in quizzes and live sessions with DJs like Sartek who will offer tips and guidance on how to create their own brand. Students will get a chance to work with audio software such as Ableton Live 10.

Karan Singh, COO, Percept Live said, "This is a terrific opportunity for Sunburn to give back to the music industry. Sunburn revolutionized the Live Music Festival domain in India 14 years ago and we intend to take a big step forward to make a difference in the careers of budding new music artistes in India. We have received so much love and support from our artistes and fans over the years and now it is important for us to take the time to educate and mentor aspiring students who have talent and an interest in an industry that I've been so proud to be a part of. This is something we have always wanted to do, and setting up the Sunburn Academy offering education in a domain I live and love is truly a dream come true for me. Our bespoke academy programmes have been created in consultation with the best minds in the music industry, and our goal is to empower the next generation of music industry professionals.” 

In the near future, the Sunburn Academy will add more courses specializing in Music Production, Technicals and Stage Production, Festival Photography and Videography.

The ‘Beginners DJ Course’ is scheduled to start online in the first week of January, 2021. Students will learn via the Zoom meeting app, take part in quizzes and live sessions with DJs.

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