We are All Stoked For the Market to Open So That We Can Spread the Zeeco Magic: Chandra Gulati

Industry Watch | December 4, 2020 | Promo Feature

Zeeco Brand Experiences

Zeeco Brand Experiences is an established media and activation agency providing tailor-made ATL, BTL and Digital Marketing solutions to brands to get them the maximum consumer reach. Here, Chandra Gulati, Founder and Director, Zeeco Brand Experiences shares insights on the positive side of the COVID-19 induced lockdown, renaming the brand in the middle of the lockdown, innovations and more.

We all know the deep impact that the COVID-19pandemic has had on the industry. Do you see a positive side of the situation?

Yes. Though the agencies have been going through a rough patch right now in terms of business, I think this period is of realization and innovation. In a post-COVID world, curating campaigns with hygiene will pave the way for innovative solutions and ideas. Staying true to the brand promise and communicating it to the target audience without any physical interaction is going to see a lot of scope hereon.

While it’s sometimes unwise to change your business name as it involves risk for the brand, you took the risk to rename your brand from Zeeco Media Pvt Ltd to Zeeco Brand Experiences Pvt Ltd.What was the logic behind this big move, that too in such a tough situation?

There are times when a change is in the best interest of your business, as businesses grow and change over time. If your business has outgrown its name, it may be time to think about renaming it. Having said that, it is also imperative to have a name which resonates with your past and at the same time, encapsulates your business attributes. In 2020, we refreshed our vision to emerge as a full stack brand solutions entity and this how Zeeco Brand Experiences Pvt Ltd came into existence.

How has your agency Zeeco re-invented itself during this pandemic?

We've revamped our brand identity aesthetically, but at heart, we are still ultra-committed to our clients. Today, Zeeco identifies itself as a full-stack brand experiences agency. From digital to tech-backed events to high ROI-driven offline engagements, we are everywhere. We've utilized this hiatus to fortify our strengths and keep a close watch on market needs and what brands want to do in the future. We are all stoked for the market to open so that we can spread the Zeeco magic far and wide.

What kind of innovation can we expect the industry to witness in a post-COVID world?

I believe technology integration in campaigns will see fresh new ideas. For example, what Cadbury did with hyperlocal mentions in its digital advertising on Diwali is a fresh new thought and beautifully done. Once the market opens up, I believe even offline activations will see more usage of AR/VR to provide a surreal experience to consumers with social distancing guidelines being honoured at the same time. Needless to add, digital will continue to grow big and bigger.

Do you have any message for brands or the agency fraternity during these times?            

As a business, disasters are especially tough to navigate; you just need to believe in yourself. Always allow your business to show its commitment to its client and customers, and things will surely follow. I understand sometimes it’s difficult to know how to approach the situation when the path is rough, but again this is how businesses run. Recently, we released a short video to express our hopes for the future, for the industry and for agencies like ours. The video is titled Hum Phir Milenge. It captures the essence of Zeeco - eyes on the future with positive vibes up our sleeve, always.

In an interview, Chandra Gulati, Founder and Director, Zeeco Brand Experiences, shares insights on the positive side of the COVID-19 situation, renaming the brand, innovations and more.

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