There is an Opportunity for Tanishq and Wedding Planners to Collaborate, Says Ajoy Chawla of Titan

Marketing | December 2, 2020 | News

Tanishq Rivaah Aashirwaad Titan

With the onset of the auspicious wedding season in India, Tanishq, the jewellery brand from the house of Tata, introduced a new consumer purchase plan – Rivaah Aashirwaad - at a virtual press conference on December 1. The launch of Rivaah Aashirwaad comes at a time when the weddings scenario is all set to resume post the pandemic.

Speaking on the occasion, Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Ltd said, “Tanishq has launched Rivaah Aashirwaad, to offer the best opportunity to brides and their families to build their wedding trousseau with the finest Tanishq designs, assurance of purity and at competitive prices.”

Through this plan, people can plan their wedding jewellery purchase in a structured and systematic manner and avail of discounts on making charges at the end of the plan. The minimum monthly instalment value is Rs 20,000 and the customer has a choice of 6-10 instalments maximum, to be redeemed at the completion of the plan. The flexibility is, if an instalment is missed, the customer can come back and continue with the programme.

Collaboration with wedding planners

Eventfaqs posed the question that though purchase of jewellery is largely a family affair, does Tanishq see the possibility of any kind of collaboration with India's sizeable wedding planning industry? Speaking about possible collaborations, Chawla said, “There is a natural partnership between Tanishq and brands and other platforms. Earlier, we used to participate in a TV programme for brides as associate partners. Yes, there is an opportunity for Tanishq and wedding planners to collaborate and certainly we are open to collaborating with other platforms too. Internally, we have also been having informal conversations in terms of how we can collaborate within our group companies.”

Answering another question from us on plans to promote the Rivaah Aashirwaad campaign, Chawla said, “In terms of marketing promotions, we will be promoting Rivaah during the next two months quite strongly as a campaign for wedding jewellery for brides and their families in the communities. It will be more of in-store promotion and on our website. The Rivaah campaign will showcase the rituals as well as all the lovely jewellery associated with the cultural backdrop of the weddings. This will be a large campaign and we are looking forward to showcase it through promotions.”

Chawla added that with every Rivaah campaign, the aim is to bring out a new dimension. “Our task on hand is to deliver best quality with a Tanishq twist of best offer and fabulous design and that will be promoted very strongly, be it in Print or digital or on an audio-visual platform. We will showcase how the products relate strongly to the respective communities and particular traditions. This is the story we want to tell, because the Rivaah bride is somebody who participates very actively in this celebration and she wants to celebrate the richness of her culture. So that is the story we have taken - the emotion involved - between the father and the bride in our previous campaign, and this time it will be the inter-connectivity between the cultures,” he explained.

Recovery phase over, it’s now growth

Commenting on how the Jewellery Division of Titan has fared over the last few months, Chawla said, “We are seeing continued interest and growth in this category. The festive season growth has sustained post-festival too. How things emerge over the rest of the quarter and the next quarter is a function of what happens. So certainly, during the festive season I can say that we have stopped talking about recovery and we have started talking about growth.”

Keeping in line with all COVID-19 safety and precautions norms, the brand has also introduced an array of phygital features for consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes and provide an omni-channel shopping experience.

Tanishq introduces Rivaah Aashirwaad, a flexible purchase plan ahead of the big Indian wedding season, to give customers the flexibility to plan jewellery purchase in terms of quantum and duration.

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