Celebfie Makes Celebrity Collaborations Transparent and Hassle-Free: Raminder Singh, Celebfie

Industry Watch | November 18, 2020 | Interview

Celebfie Raminder Singh

Celebfie is a new-age platform with licensed, short-form celebrity content that makes celebrities accessible to everyone. It also offers a direct-access celeb-booking model to the nation’s 75 million SMEs that are projected to spend over $8 billion on digital activities that benefit celebrities, brands and fans in a personalized way while creating the ultimate fan experience.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS Media, Raminder Singh, Founder and CEO of Celebfie, talks about the USPs of the platform, challenges faced and more.

How was the idea of Celebfie conceived? What is its USP over other celebrity management platforms?

It all started when I was trying to organize a big educational event in Dubai and I wanted a few celebrities to be a part of it. The multiple hurdles I faced along the way from accessing celebrities to booking them for my event, inspired me to create a single platform that would eliminate these challenges and simplify the process.

Celebfie’s USP is that we are the only platform in the world that creates exciting opportunities for celebrities, brands and fans simultaneously. The app creates ultimate fan experiences by connecting celebrities to brands and their fans in a way that has never existed before.

Fans can request celebrities for video messages, social media interaction and they can access their behind-the-scenes content. Soon, we are also introducing a live feature on the app so fans can request for live video calls, watch live celebrity events and attend live master-classes so we are creating a full 360-degree experience and we believe we are pioneers in doing so with a two-way interaction between the celebrity and fans. Other celebrity-centric platforms in the digital space are only for booking, with the experience being transactional, whereas at Celebfie, the experience is wholesome and the relationship is long term.

Name the various services provided by Celebfie. How many celebrities are currently collaborating with you? Can you name some celebs?

Celebfie is close to having 200+ celebrities on board; there are many exciting names in the pipeline. Having said that, I should add that as a brand, we are quite selective about the celebs we onboard and hand-pick them based on the value they would add to the platform through their channels. We have an eclectic mix of celebrities belonging to various industries like Bollywood, television, comedy, beauty, music, fashion, fitness and more. Some of our celebs include Daisy Shah, Sharad Kelkar, Maniesh Paul, Elnaaz Norouzi, Rupali Ganguly, Sharman Joshi and Rahul Dev.

What are the challenges involved while bridging the gap between creators, consumers and collaborators?

One of the main challenges is that there is no streamlined way for each of these groups to communicate with each other. Fans can rarely speak to a celebrity directly. A celebrity has no way of finding out what fans want from him or her in terms of content. Brands have to go through many layers of booking agencies to book a celebrity for endorsements, collaborations, shout-outs, or even PR unboxing. This multiplies the cost incurred by the brand and as a result, the celebrity might lose out on this work opportunity. As an integrated tech-enabled platform, Celebfie is the solution to this problem. We make celebrity collaborations transparent and hassle-free. We also allow celebrities to control and create multiple revenue streams, generated through creative content, and new technology-enabled opportunities.

What are the other initiatives or activations you have planned for the near future through Celebfie? Where do you want to take the company? 

Since Celebfie is very content-focused, we’re also branching off to other verticals to generate more meaningful and entertaining content through our channels like Celebfie Music, Celebfie Media and soon we’ll also be coming up with Comedy to promote budding artistes who haven’t had the platform to showcase their talent yet.

Through these verticals, we are also introducing very innovative and creative services to support the 75 million small medium businesses in India that are projected to spend over $8 billion on digital activities. We are providing digital solutions to companies that need celebrities to promote their businesses.

Moving forward, I want to see every celebrity utilizing Celebfie as a platform to showcase their creative content, being able to monetize their skills and time, building strong bonds with their fans and getting unique work opportunities with brands. This pandemic has shown us that when every industry may be forced to slow down, digital has not only survived but thrived, so adapting to this new way of doing business is extremely beneficial and the best way forward.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS Media, Raminder Singh, Founder and CEO of celebrity management platform Celebfie, shares insights on its USPs and plans.

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