Haier India’s #LightUpAHeart Brings Together Memories of Diwali Celebrations in Offices

Industry Watch | November 17, 2020 | News

Haier Zero Zero Creative Solutions

Home appliances and consumer electronics brand Haier launched its new digital film #LightUpAHeart, that celebrates the life of office people who work closely together but have drifted apart this Diwali due to remote office and work from home set-ups. The digital film tends to bring together memories of Diwali celebrations in offices, that many are missing this year.

Through its Diwali campaign, Haier highlights how offices become a second home for office-goers and how bonds transcend professional ties to become personal. The brand restores its motto of ‘Inspired Living’ by showcasing how extending kindness and sense of belonging in one’s celebrations can light up hearts.

Conceptualized and created in collaboration with Zero Zero Creative Solutions, the digital film premiered on November 12, 2020 across Haier’s digital platforms.

N.S. Satish, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Haier Appliances India said, “Diwali is a festival of lights, cheerfulness and joy. This year, with offices closed, office-goers are missing the excitement that this festival brings. The challenges created by the pandemic have changed the way we live and celebrate. Through this film, we wanted to inspire everyone to come together and celebrate the festival with the same fervour, despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic. At Haier, we have always focused on inspiring lives of our customers and this film is our way of showing care and inspiring everyone to rise above the odds and make this Diwali special.”

Kaushik Roy, Co-founder and Creative Director, Zero Zero Creative Solutions said, "Haier's Diwali campaign celebrates the coming together of people who were very close but have become distant this year because of the pandemic. It does so by encouraging everyone to reach out to people they've lost touch with and brighten up their Diwali. During times when offices have become ghost structures shrouded in darkness, Haier takes the lead in encouraging all of us to re-visit our colleagues with whom our contact is now reduced to video calls and messages. Through this film, Haier depicts care and love as well as remind viewers about their second home - their office.”

Conceptualized and created in collaboration with Zero Zero Creative Solutions, the film premiered across Haier’s digital platforms.

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