3 Female Mountaineers Install Billboard Flex in Mumbai, as Skechers Urges Women to Break Stereotypes

Marketing | November 12, 2020 | News

Skechers India

Sports and lifestyle brand Skechers has teamed up with three professional female mountaineers for an Out of Home (OOH) activity in Mumbai. Further to the TVC launch of their #OriginalsKeepMoving campaign with Skechers D’Lites shoes, Skechers announced Ananya Panday as its first female brand ambassador.

The brand conceptualized an activity that encouraged women to take up a task dominated by men. Skechers, along with Aishwarya Gajanan Ghare, Marishaa Shah and Priyanka Chinchorkarinstalled a billboard flex in Mumbai through this activity.

Skechers aims to inspire the youth of today to come forward while emphasizing the power of moving ahead to overcome challenges that may come in your way.

Rahul Vira, CEO, Skechers South Asia, said, “Aishwarya Gajanan Ghare, Marishaa Shah and Priyanka Chinchorkar are breaking prototypes beautifully and are signifying contemporary women in a new epitome. The task performed is commendable and resonates with Skechers’ #OriginalsKeepMoving campaign which promotes that you can debunk the age-old labels to make your own way by pushing yourself beyond the boundaries and stop at nothing.”

Aishwarya Gajanan Ghare said, “I am here to convey a message to all those exceptional women out there. Keep Moving and get out of your comfort zone and lead the way. Make your own rules and break the ones that tie you down. Be original and keep moving.

“Skechers #OrginalsKeepMoving campaign is call for everyone out there to take pride in what they do. I hope it will inspire more and more woman to break the shackles while reaching new territories of opportunities,” said Marishaa Shah.

Priyanka Chinchorkar said, “After the Skechers flex installation activity. I feel that every woman has right, might and D’Lite to do every task not done by women before. As a brand, Skechers stands for a combination of innovation, style, and technology and offers consumers comfort and the chance to stay on par with all the current trends. In addition to offering ideal footwear for all facets of life, Skechers has launched a wide range of apparels and accessories.”

Skechers ropes in mountaineers Aishwarya Gajanan Ghare, Marishaa Shah and Priyanka Chinchorkar to install billboard flex in Mumbai, encourages women to take up a task dominated by men.

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