Experiential Nomads Announces ‘Kreative Kaarigar’ to Support Labourers, Carpenters Working at Events

Industry Watch | November 10, 2020 | News

Experiential Nomads Kreative Kaarigar

Experiential Nomads, an experiential agency, today announced its latest IP called ‘Project Kreative Kaarigar’ designed to empower the grassroots level workers of the industry. The project has been curated for the labourers and carpenters who were working full-time for events, to provide them cross-functional training to create pieces of décor and furniture in the meantime, so that they can be employed and earn full wages even when events are not taking place.

While everyone is focused on looking at their balance sheets to control their expenses, managing funds, etc., to somehow survive through this pandemic, the team of young entrepreneurs at Experiential Nomads decided to check up on the backbone and unsung heroes of the events industry - the carpenters and labourers. Their premise - if a production expert or a carpenter can create complex and intricate designs for events and experiences, then why not for a B2C platform.

The research, training, logistics plan and back-end work on the project commenced in July 2020 and it launched on November 10, 2020. Project Kreative Kaarigar announced a collaboration with a couple of fabrication and furniture vendors based out of New Delhi and plan to take this venture to Mumbai and Bengaluru soon.

The products being manufactured currently are made of reclaimed and recycled wood and/or iron, which would have been discarded otherwise. An e-shop selling these products will be operational this Diwali on Instagram (@kreativekaarigar) and on their official website. New products will be added every month.

Prateek Nagpal, Co-founder, Kreative Kaarigar said, “If we as event managers can learn to create digital and virtual experiences, why cannot these people learn and diversify a bit for themselves? If it resonates with your vision, gives you goosebumps and challenges you at the same time; go for it. We are ready with our back-end work, manufacturing unit (collaboration) and a detailed research from the past four months; we are ready to take up this project with compassion, gratitude and of course, the vision. Even if we are able to support three or four families to begin with, we will consider ourselves successful. The project will spread and reach out to other cities of the country gradually.”

The project has been curated with the idea of providing full-time employment to labourers and carpenters, by training them to create pieces of décor and furniture when events are not happening.

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