Jeonbuk Business Centre Helps Brands to Come Together at First India-Korea Trade Fair in Gurugram

Business Events | November 9, 2020 | News

Jeonbuk Business Centre

Jeonbuk Business Centre (JBC), a non-profit trade promoting agency mediating between India and South Korea, concluded its first India-Korea Trade Fair on November 5 in Gurugram. Through this two-day trade fair, JBC offered an opportunity for business associates to interact effectively and thus reinforce Indo-Korean bonds.

Over 50 Korean brands from various sectors like healthcare, food, beauty, etc., participated in the trade fair and the event, while showcasing Korean brands like CT&S, Navis, Unique Biotec, Ineco, Airlab, Cybermedic, to name a few from different categories.

The fair also witnessed response from various Indian industries such as chemical, medical, construction, etc., especially from categories like beauty, skincare and food products. Sourced directly from ‘beauty capital’ Korea, the products created a buzz amongst patrons.

Seo Youngdoo, official spokesperson, Jeonbuk Business Centre, said, “JBC received an overwhelming response from both the countries, despite the fact that the event was held amidst the pandemic while maintaining safety norms. It was an enriching experience to have a diversity of brands come together and strengthen India-Korea relations. We anticipate this trade fair to bear fruit and act as a catalyst of growth for those who wish to explore new avenues to expand and reintroduce their businesses amidst the new normal as they level up their game while putting their best foot forward. Observing the great success of this trade fair, we feel encouraged to keep up with this practice and organise more of such events in the near future."

JBC provides business opportunities for dealers in both the countries to further their network via work projects, assignments, supplying raw material, helping manufacturers, and more. JBC charges no commission or fee for this service.

The aim of the fair was to give traders from both the countries  sample experiencing service.

Through this trade fair, JBC offered an opportunity to interact effectively between associates for business dealing and reinforce Indo-Korean bonds.

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