Why Platoo is Not Just Another Virtual Events Platform: Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface is its USP

Industry Watch | November 4, 2020 | Promo Feature

Platoo Wishmakers

Earlier this month, Shiva Sureka, Director, Wishmakers launched Platoo, a Do-It-Yourself virtual events platform that offers a one-stop solution for event agencies, empowering them to take control of their virtual events.

Platoo with its ready-to-use virtual event application makes virtual events accessible, like never before! With its super simple dashboard you can create a Virtual Event in less than 30 mins all by yourself, without any help.  

The platform can help small and medium size agencies scale and can also help event professionals who have lost their jobs during the pandemic to get back in business.

“The genius behind Platoo is the powerful template that anyone can use. Just plug and play!” says Daryl Sheldon, Founder, Seventy Seven Entertainment about Platoo. “If you know how to use Facebook, you can use Platoo too. An exemplary platform that unleashes the power of simplicity,” commented Abhishek Mehta, CEO Scoop.

Platoo has several USPs. Here are the reasons why Platoo is not just another virtual events platform:

Simple User Interface

Platoo comes with a back-end that allows users to create and edit virtual events by themselves. Creating a virtual event on Platoo is as easy as creating and managing Facebook. Few uploads, few clicks, few links and it’s done.


Users can host a webinar, exhibition, annual conference or a tradeshow, etc., on Platoo without any hassle. They just have to decide the event format and start as it is a fully integrated platform with all features.

Fully Customisable

Platoo is a 100% customisable platform where agencies can handle all their client requirements and last-minute changes without any problem. Plato allows adding any kind of event design, any kind of branding, any number of auditoriums, any kind of video feed and more. Various features like Chat, Q&A, polls, etc can be added with the click of a button. 

Easy and Economic

Platoo has 4 kinds of subscription on offer – Beginner, Per Event, 3 Months and 6 Months. The Beginner module starts with Rs 4999 with access for 3 months. Platoo is one of the most economically priced platforms.


No need to look out for tech partners or struggle for slots as event agencies can host any number of events, any day, any time at their convenience allowing them to take complete control of their virtual events. 

For more details visit Platoo.in or contact hello@platoo.in.

The platform can help small and medium size agencies achieve scale and can also help event professionals who lost their jobs get back in business.

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