EEMA’s We Care and Poddar Foundation Host Webinar on Mental Wellbeing; We Care Helpline Kept Busy

Business Events | October 27, 2020 | News

EEMA Poddar Foundation

Events and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) through its social vertical We Care in association with The Poddar Foundation organised a webinar themed ‘Behind the Scenes – the things that are overlooked’. The webinar conducted by Neha Shah, Head Projects - Poddar Foundation, discussed ways for the event industry to manage stress and maintain mental wellbeing during the current pandemic.

The objective was to create a platform for genuine connection amid uncertainty, encouraging participants to field questions, generate mental health awareness amongst them, and strengthen demand for integrated mental health and psychosocial interventions, informed an official statement.

Roshan Abbas, President, EEMA, said, “Given the present predicament, the industry is fighting hard to cope with pay cuts, forced sabbaticals and loss of jobs and even businesses. Many of us find solace by sharing our lows with friends and family. But, sometimes, we fight shy of sharing them due to our fears of being judged, or because we are worried that people around us will begin to look at us differently, and define us by our problems. While, in some cases, we do not want to share sensitive personal information with even people who are closest to us. Sometimes, we simply may not have anyone to share our distress with.”

We Care has hence launched a dedicated 24/7 helpline +91 844 844 5168 to address the mental well-being of all those working in the event industry.

Abbas added, “At such times it is important to have access to a silent listener; just speaking about possible courses of action offers us clarity. We through We Care helpline number 844 844 5168, provide non-judgmental listening services to people in crisis situations. This facility is backed by trained counsellors from the fields of psychology, medicine, law, sexual harassment compliance experts and more.”

Poonam Lal, Chairperson, We Care, said, “This webinar was an initiative that has been aimed to collectively address the well-being of all those working in the event industry, a platform for people who are in distress and require any kind of emotional support in these tough times.”

She added, “The We Care Helpline has been buzzing with calls that border on complex emotions including fear, anxiety, and grief. Sometimes the caller needs a simple regular conversation, or someone to listen without judging when they desperately need to talk about their feelings, sometimes they seek counselling to cope and manage stress, and occasionally, it is the need to not feel alone.”

Prakriti Poddar, Managing Trustee, Poddar Foundation, said, “Poddar Foundation is all about mental health. Our work revolves around it. I personally believe that mental health and physical health are two sides of a coin and both are extremely important for complete wellbeing. We overlook many things in today's world of rat race. The beauty is not just looking good but feeling good from within. We unfortunately pay attention to the outer beauty and ignore the innermost core which is mental health which actually gives us peace and serenity. I am sure that our session – Behind the scenes – the things that are overlooked, will empower you and equip you to deal with the current situation in a better way and seek help in case of need. I appreciate that EEMA thought of this delicate issue and supported this cause by way of arranging a webinar for their fraternity.”

The webinar was conducted on 23 October by Neha Shah, Head Projects - Poddar Foundation, for members of the Indian event industry highlighting the importance of maintaining mental wellbeing.

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