OML Creator Network to Continue Handling Branded Entertainment Mandate for Bacardi Brands

Industry Watch | October 23, 2020 | News

OML Bacardi

OML Entertainment (OML) Private Limited’s Global Creator Network (GCN) will continue handling digital content marketing for eight Bacardi brands, following a renewal of the mandate for the third successive year. The mandate covering 15 countries is for Breezer, Grey Goose, William Lawson’s, Dewar’s, Bombay Sapphire, Martini, Martini 0.0 and Patrón. 

Gunjan Arya, CEO, OML Entertainment, said, “Bacardi brands have driven relevant messaging in a cluttered and fragmented media landscape in their collaborations with creators in a locally meaningful way in every market we’ve been working in. The two-way conversations with creators are more authentic and meaningful in fans’ lives while allowing brands to create unique global platforms.”

“OML has shown exceptional skill in creatively bringing our brands to life through digital content platforms. As curators of popular culture, their understanding of consumer behaviour, emerging trends and market insights have kept brands across our portfolio relevant and top of mind for our audiences. We work closely with their team of content specialists in more than 15 countries to drive our brand and business goals, and look forward to further strengthening our association this year,” said Eshita Jayaswal, Digital & PR Lead - Asia, Middle East, Africa, Bacardi.

“Our proprietary analytics platform and creator selection tools result in optimised placement and organic distribution for Bacardi campaigns. This enables the creative disruption that our teams bring while driving brand equity and embedding the brands in popular culture,” added Tusharr Kumar, Business Head of GCN. 

OML’s content marketing unit has a network of over 500 creators and influencers globally. The network claims over 1.5 billion views over 14,000 pieces of short and long-form content. A specialist team within this vertical drives branded entertainment for Bacardi brands across 15 countries including across South East Asia, India, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Latin America. 


Bacardi has renewed OML’s mandate for the third year running, for Breezer, Grey Goose, William Lawson’s, Dewar’s, Bombay Sapphire, Martini, Martini 0.0 and Patrón across 15 markets.

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