Create Your Own Virtual Event in Just Five Hours, says Platoo

Industry Watch | October 21, 2020 | News


Shiva Sureka, Director, Wishmakers has announced the launch of Platoo, a Do-It-Yourself  Virtual Events Platform that offers a one-stop solution to people, empowering them to take control of their virtual events.

Platoo is powered by an in-built CMS, just like the ‘settings’ page of your social media profile, which enables you to build your event and do changes in the most simple way. With its drag-and-drop function people can customize lobbies, auditoriums and experiences with the click of a button.

“In the last few months, we have witnessed some ingenious steps that make digitalization economic, effective and easy. Platoo is one such platform,” said Roshan Abbas, MD, Geometry Encompass.

Eliminating complex codes and simplifying design technology is one of Platoo’s most outstanding features. It also offers a chance at redemption for those who have been laid off in these turbulent times. In five hours and for ₹4,999, anyone can set up their virtual event on the platform.

“Platoo has brought virtual events within the reach of even small event companies and individuals, who are truly the lifeblood of our industry. Kudos to the whole team,” added Samit Garg, Director, E-factor.

The platform allows conceptualizing a complete walkthrough of the lobby, exhibition hall, exhibition booths and auditorium with customized micro-experiences. The key strengths of Platoo are that it is customizable, cost-effective, do-it-yourself model, versatile, secure and dependable.

“While the transition to Zoom calls and remote working was relatively easier, we did face one daunting task. How do we learn and adapt to this technology? Do we always have to rely on a tech partner? How do we increase our bottom line? And hence…Platoo,” says Shiva Sureka, commenting on Platoo.

To know more about this application, visit

Platoo is powered by an in-built CMS like the ‘settings’ page of a social media profile. The drag-and-drop function of Platoo enables people to customize lobbies, auditoriums and experiences.

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