Foodlink Launches Initiatives ‘Ai Japanese Kitchen’ and ‘China Bistro Live Kitchen’ Amidst Pandemic

Industry Watch | October 8, 2020 | News

Ai Japanese Kitchen China Bistro Live Kitchen

With the catering industry and restaurants across the nation strive to resume operations strength by strength after facing a big blow to business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading Food & Beverage Company Foodlink has launched two new initiatives to enhance the consumer experience. The initiatives are ‘Ai Japanese Kitchen’ and ‘Live Kitchen’.

Ai Japanese Kitchen powered by Foodlink is curated to satiate Japanese food cravings offering a menu selection available in ‘Ready to Eat’ and ‘Do It Yourself’ formats delivered to your doorstep. It comes with its promise of an ISO compliant, consistent, and rigorous food safety management system.

“Through this time of global crisis, the one thing that has kept us all going is love and encouragement from family, colleagues, and guests. We wanted Ai to be a testimony of this love. Ai means love in Japanese; it’s born out of the love of our patrons and through Ai we reciprocate the feeling through our food. Love grows when we share it and Foodlink believes in spreading love through our food. The name instantly resonated with us and we are happy Ai is resonating very well with our clients,” said Sanjay Vazirani, CMD, Foodlink F & B Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

China Bistro Live Kitchen is a reinvented party catering format serving a pan-Asian menu in a live and interactive format, churning out wholesome meals with fresh ingredients whether at residences, weekend homes or at offices for 15-25 people.

Vazirani stated, “China Bistro Live Kitchen will be a trend-setter. We have planned this concept with a lot of care to ensure a great customer experience with utmost priority to safety protocols. Hygiene is in our DNA across all Foodlink verticals and we have aligned all our offerings to the needs of the current times.”

“We have formed an extensive SOP for Live Kitchen which outlines our sustainable approach of using eco-friendly, bio-degradable cutlery and bowls, the safety precautions from sanitization to chef’s gear, etc., to seamlessly scale this across other cities other than Mumbai,” added Chandrashekhar Rai, VP, Foodlink Restaurants.


Foodlink’s latest initiatives include a new interactive party catering format and Ai Japanese Kitchen, which is authentic Japanese specialties delivered to your doorstep

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