Kestone to Organise ‘Imagine’, a 24-hour Virtual Global Fundraiser for Education, on October 10-11

Industry Watch | October 1, 2020 | News

Kestone Imagine

Kestone, a leading integrated marketing solutions provider company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Career Launcher, is organising ‘Imagine’, a 24-hour virtual global fundraiser event. It is scheduled for October 10-11, 2020.

To be hosted on Kestone virtual event platform, Imagine is a confluence of artistes, influencers, celebrities, speakers and a lot of other collaborators from diversified genres to present their art.  

This event will allow people to connect and celebrate, share stories, build new communities, build skills and move towards a brighter future. The comprehensive content of the event has been planned to cater to the thoughts of each and every individual - be it a yoga enthusiast, or a cooking fanatic or anyone else - attending Imagine. The corporate panel discussions will cater to those hoping to understand the dynamics of business, technology, marketing and much more.

The core thought behind Imagine is to leverage the platform for a noble cause – the cause of enabling uninterrupted education, supporting the student community and making digital education accessible to everyone in the post-COVID world. 

Speaking about the initiative, Piyush Gupta, President, Kestone Global said, "I am absolutely excited for Imagine, the largest 24-hour virtual global fundraiser event. The idea is to have a platform which is open for all across the globe; a platform which showcases talents from different genres and opens up a world of opportunities for everyone. Ultimately the platform can become a reason for supporting a cause, and this year it is child education. Imagine also shows the world the strength of Indian technology and creativity coming together. There is truly something for everyone at Imagine - fun, learning, gaming, connecting, it's all there."

The three pillars of Imagine are Connect, Collaborate and Contribute. The first pillar is all about connecting with leading artistes, thought leaders, celebrities and influencers to get inspired, hear their stories and share stories – all on a common platform. Besides, this part also consists of real-time engagement and networking.  

The collaboration aspect of Imagine aims to create a knowledge base and primarily focuses on the skill-building aspect. To achieve this, some exciting workshops have been planned across genres such as art, music, cooking, fitness, healthcare and financial guidance. All these workshops will be conducted by domain experts and social media influencers. 

The final and most important component of Imagine is the ‘Contribute’ part. Since it is a fundraiser initiative, the proceeds of this event will be utilized to empower lesser privileged students who have been affected by the pandemic. Through Career Launcher Education Fund (CLEF), an NGO which is working towards democratizing remote education for all and charity partner, Give India, the initiative aims to support uninterrupted education in the pandemic-affected world by providing digital devices to lesser fortunate students so that they may continue their education on digital platforms.

Anyone can be a part of this free 24-hour virtual event through a simple, open-to-all registration process.

Register for the event here.


Scheduled for October 10-11, 2020, Imagine aims to leverage the platform to enable uninterrupted education, support the student community and make digital education accessible to all.

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