Della Operating at Full Capacity, and is Prepared for Large Events When Allowed, Says Jimmy Mistry

Marketing | September 24, 2020 | Promo Feature

Della Group Jimmy Mistry

Embracing a new culture of hospitality in times of the pandemic, the hotel and restaurant industry is all set to bring about a structural change in its functioning. Della Adventure & Resorts is one such popular destination located in Lonavala, with adventure activity, luxury accommodation and extensive venues that offer intimate to extravagant event experiences. 

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group talks about reopening for events, safety measures at the facility, challenges faced and more.

Now open for events 

Della Resorts has been open and functioning since the past few weeks and is operating at full capacity as per Government stipulations. 

“We have been perpetually sold out and at full occupancy every weekend and 60% occupancy over the weekdays, even now. In terms of events, while due to Government restrictions, only smaller events are allowed, we did host a few weddings and intimate events during the lockdown. On a daily basis, we get enquiries for weddings as well as corporate gatherings which hope to resume in full swing soon. Our teams have also been getting a lot of enquiries for private and bespoke events like sit-down dinners, proposals and other special occasions. Our teams underwent multiple training sessions with in-house senior management as well as external trainers. We are fully equipped and motivated to take up events on a larger scale as soon as the restrictions are lifted,” said Mistry.

All safety measures 

As per Government and global guidelines, Della Resorts has ensured that every safety protocol has been implemented and followed on a daily basis, said Mistry. “Event organizers and industry colleagues who have worked with us over the years know the kind of services offered and how Della takes the minutest details seriously. The testimonials of guests and patrons who have stayed during this phase as well as chosen Della to celebrate their intimate gatherings are the best assurance that anyone can provide to communicate about how safe and secure our property is,” he adds.

The special offers

“We curate special deals on the basis of the client’s requirement and do not believe in having a set of deals and terms to follow. Each event is given special attention by our team of experts and finalized as per the guest’s budget. We do not believe at all in cost-cutting and being selective in spending especially when it comes to special occasions and events. We believe in implementing the highest quality of safety protocols and providing the best services without compromising on anything else,” stated Mistry.

Speaking about the challenges faced during the current situation, Mistry said, “We have been able to execute and hold events very smoothly always. We as a company believe in taking up challenges positively and overcoming them with quick and prompt responses. Our teams have been trained and equipped to work under any and all conditions by coming up with quick solutions.”

The USP of Della

“At Della Resorts, we are all about experiential hospitality and providing luxury services and amenities to our patrons. Our biggest and strongest point is that every resort within our property provides a different experience to the guests and that’s what brings them back to us,” explained Mistry.

“This is our biggest differentiating factor. No hotel globally provides so many different experiences as well as an adventure park and several other amenities within a single property. We are also at a driveable distance from a lot of big cities and that entices people to visit us as the current trend is that people are preferring to travel to driveable destinations,” he added.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group talks about reopening for events, safety measures at the facility, challenges faced and more.

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