Tourism Authority of Thailand announces ‘India’s Favourite Thai Picks’ along with Nat Geo Traveller

Industry Watch | September 8, 2020 | News

Tourism Authority of Thailand Nat Geo Traveller

As the Tourism Authority of Thailand turns 60 this year, it has announced a campaign named 'India's Favourite Thai Picks' along with Nat Geo Traveller. With an aim to promote Thailand tourism even as travel is restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the campaign will focus on Indian travellers’ memories of popular tourist destinations and experiences in Thailand.

Indians who have visited Thailand can participate in the campaign and vote for their memorable experiences during a Thai holiday. Participants will need to fill a form and vote under six categories with four options each. The six voting categories are Timeless Destinations, Food, Accommodation, Shopping, Unexplored Destinations and Recreational Activities.

The campaign went live on September 1, 2020 and will continue up to September 25, 2020, after which three winners will be announced. Those three participants will win an all-expenses-paid trip sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

People who have been to Thailand can participate by visiting the official website of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. 

With an aim to promote Thailand’s tourism, the campaign will focus on some of Thailand’s popular tourist destinations and experiences.

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