Kestone Announces Virtual Event 2.0 with Upgrades

Industry Watch | August 25, 2020 | News


Integrated marketing services company Kestone has launched an advanced version of its Virtual Event platform. Version 2.0 of Kestone Virtual Event comes with a host of advancements including an overhauled User Interface (UI), support for multiple languages and advanced audience engagement and gamification features, informed an official statement.

With the second version, Kestone has also introduced support for multiple languages. Along with English, the platform will also offer support for Indian regional and foreign languages. 

The statement added that in 90 days of launch, virtual conferences have already been hosted on the previous version of the platform for Google, Redington, Strategink, and CNBC-TV18, engaging over 40,000 CXO-level visitors, 75,000 students, with over 60,000 social media interactions and over 50,000 exhibitor booth and product demo zone visits. 

Piyush Gupta, President, Kestone, said, “Providing an immersive user experience has been one of the key pillars of Kestone Virtual Events platform, besides its ability to drive user engagements and compute deep data analytics. While a lot of us are conversant with conventional web conferencing solutions such as webinars, we need to be cognizant of the fact that there are many users who are experiencing virtual events for the first time. It is like graduating from wearing 3D glasses to using AR/VR solutions. Any good technology solution must handhold such graduations carefully keeping the end user in mind. Our UI enhancements try to aim just that by making the platform intuitive and extremely user friendly even for the first-time users.” 

“Both content delivery patterns of brands and content consumption behaviour of consumers have seen tectonic shifts in recent times. Nowadays, just having a device-agnostic design isn’t enough for a digital product and one needs to look deeper into demographic attributes as well. Therefore, for our Virtual Event platform to be a truly global product, providing support for content delivery in the language of choice was both aspirational and inevitable for us,” he added. 

Features include 3D environments, live video streaming, audience engagement interventions with polls and quizzes and real-time reporting while being compliant with international norms for data privacy and data security. 

Gupta said, “Covid19 is a black swan moment for the events industry during which we saw up close, how, many businesses for whom events have been the lifeline, have suffered. With this product we aspire to set benchmarks for delivering exceptional customer experiences in the virtual world which are as good as physical events. That is where we have ploughed all our learnings from over two decades of event management experience into building this platform. The response to the initial version of the platform has been encouraging both in India and in the global markets of Canada, Dubai, Singapore and US.”

Kestone Virtual Event Version 2.0 comes with a host of advancements including an overhauled User Interface (UI), support for multiple languages, advanced audience engagement and gamification features.

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