#FoF Spotlight: “We aim to bring back some memories and nostalgia” – The Grub Fest

Entertainment | August 7, 2020 | News

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Event Capital and BookMyShow have announced the launch of ‘Festival of Festivals’ (FoF). The curated collection of India’s event IPs (intellectual properties) across genres such as music, food, literature, languages, fashion, and more, has been conceived to boost India’s live entertainment sector that has been heavily impacted through the Covid19 crisis. 

A first-of-its-kind initiative, the three-day virtual gala starts 14th August 2020. It is slated to feature 15 festivals, adding up to over 23 hours of content. The ticketed event will donate 10 percent of proceeds to NGO Anahad, to support artistes involved in live entertainment impacted by the pandemic. This will be routed through BookMyShow’s charity initiative BookASmile.

EVENTFAQS Media reached out to participating festivals to know what one can expect to see at the inaugural FoF and what participants expect from the new property. Here below is an interaction with The Grub Fest’s Co-founder, Arjun Jain.

How does a move from on-ground to virtual format impact an established event IP like yours?

The Grub Fest has always been a place with content full of food and beverage. We have had the likes of a lot of food enthusiasts through different cuisines, food workshops, food pop-ups, entertainment etc. While we were not able to do an on-ground event in our main city, we still want to connect our audience with anything and everything related to food and that's what we aim to do through this virtual event. We want to create a mini version of the actual Grub Fest through Festival of Festivals.

What is your expectation from being part of the Festival of Festivals?  

We have curated some fun activities and workshops for our audience that can be replicated at home. We are very happy to be on the FOF platform with a lot of other interesting virtual events. 

What is the content module you are coming up with for FoF? How similar or different will this be from your original festival?

Of late, we have seen a lot of changes in the food sphere, we are also seeing the growing trends of cooking and eating (fancy) at home. We have tried to make our module similar to the original festival but with modifications and content that are very relevant to the current scenario. 

One reason for people to watch it, over the plethora of content on the web.

The Grub Fest has always been true and authentic to the reason why it was started. We have never failed to provide people the best of experiences, majorly food. Our blueprint of the festival has always been centered on food coupled with trends picking up at that time. That's what we have planned for the Festival of Festivals. While we understand that the exact same Grub Fest vibe is tough to achieve but we aim to bring back some memories and nostalgia to our audience.

(EVENTFAQS Media is a partner to the Festival of Festivals.)

Here below is an interaction with The Grub Fest’s Co-founder, Arjun Jain.

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