VLMS Launches Video Conferencing Solution SpeaQin as Part of Online Consulting Marketplace XperTalk

Industry Watch | August 6, 2020 | News

VLMS (Verified Leads & Marketing Services Global) SpeaQin XperTalk

Keeping with the requirements of virtual work amidst the pandemic, VLMS (Verified Leads & Marketing Services Global) has launched a video conferencing solution, branded SpeaQin.

The ‘Made in India’ solution offers three plans for users but is being offered free for a month at launch to encourage trial. 

Features promised to include unlimited usage for multiple participants (up to 100 at a time) and no meeting time limit. Participants can dial in by phone to join and the solution claims to support low bandwidth, encryption and HD quality. The company says no meeting data is stored on the servers. 

Nikhil Devar, Co-founder and COO, VLMS Global said, “With video conferencing becoming the new normal, data security has become paramount and we need India-based solutions to cater to this growing need. Video conferencing has moved beyond office workplaces to educational institutions, hospitals, tourism, shopping, etc. and to industries that may not have tapped into this medium of organised business before. The opportunities are immense and so is the responsibility of keeping everyone's data safe. 

“We are here to offer a ‘Made in India’ affordable solution that not only caters to the basic needs of providing video conferencing but also a customised dashboard that allows individuals and organisations to track past and future conferences, access reports, data, etc. Our aim is to offer the best online conferencing facility which is also a light on the pocket. It is time we moved away from big data collectors to support home-grown local solutions whose objective is to provide you the best service while also maintaining your privacy online,” he added.

Amaan Kazi, Co-founder and CMO, VLMS Global said, “We always do market viability and assessment before introducing a new product or service in the market. According to our analysis by our consulting firm Verified Market Research, the number of one-on-one meetings would reduce to less than half in the upcoming year due to the advent of newer video conferencing technology also considering the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We believe we are in the right time and right geography to scale our services. Hence, we are glad to introduce SpeaQin to our Indian and global audiences which will not only act as a platform for scheduling remote communications but also will focus on the safety and precautions of our end users.”

Kazi added that the launch is the first phase of the rollout of the company’s online consulting marketplace. A company statement informed that SpeaQin is part of a bigger platform connecting service providers, ‘XperTalk’. 

“The need for video communication has increased tremendously be it at any corner of the world or at any organisational level. While various providers look to offer easy video conferencing solutions, user data security and privacy remain key concerns. With the launch of SpeaQin, we have introduced our consumers to various tools and facilities that drive the simplicity and practicality of a video communication solution. We are constantly upgrading our services in order to drive up the productivity and usefulness of the platform whilst maintaining high levels of data privacy,” said Pratiek Phand, Co-founder and CSO, VLMS Global.  

Keeping with the requirements of virtual work amidst the pandemic, VLMS (Verified Leads & Marketing Services Global) has launched a video conferencing solution, branded SpeaQin.

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