‘Entertaining the Audience Even During a Pandemic is Surreal’: All India Permit

Entertainment | July 29, 2020 | Promo Feature

All India Permit

All India Permit, a five-member band based in New Delhi, has performed over 500 shows across cities. Part of its secret to success has been in combining music genres to create magic, reveal band members in conversation with EVENTFAQS Media. Using the lockdown period to explore its sound, All India Permit promises to come out with its own music soon.

We asked them about their journey, going virtual with concerts, challenges therein and more.

Tell us more about the band.

We at All India Permit are a group of energetic and young musicians from Delhi who came together in 2016 to create magic through our music. Combining pop, funk, sufi and classical influences, the renditions we create are soulful yet powerful.

We have performed in more than 500 concerts across the country and are ready to spread our music globally.

The biggest strength of our band lies in the ability to connect with the audience and ease to perform various genres effortlessly.

Take us through your journey to virtual events

We are one of the first bands in India to do a virtual live concert with such visual and audio proficiency and this definitely is a feather in our cap. However, the journey was not all that rosy to begin with. It started from a bedroom with members going live individually on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to eventually delivering a virtual concert with the whole band performing live out of a studio on Zoom for its corporate clients.

The idea was to give our audience an experience that is not only close to an on-ground performance but at the same time, it’s unique in a way where they have not experienced live stream happening at such a scale and magnitude before. The whole idea could be put into practice with coming up of Art Unites Studio, Delhi who provided us with all the necessary technical support we needed to deliver a seamless live stream. 

How has your experience while performing virtual concerts been? How different is it from the on-ground event experience?

The experience of performing virtual concerts has been very exciting as there are a lot of things that we have learnt in the process. It’s amazing to see how technology has made it so easy for us to reach our audience even during these tough times.

The experience is quite different from an on-ground event as the audience interaction is limited only to reading comments. We miss the energy and fire that we feel on stage because of our audience. But nonetheless, the feeling that we are able to entertain them even during a pandemic is surreal.

What kind of response are you receiving from the audience? Is it keeping up with your expectations?

When we came up with this idea of doing a virtual concert, we were not sure how our audience was going to react as they are used to seeing us live on-ground. But we are overwhelmed to see the response since the live virtual gig in itself was something new for our audience. The feedback has been exceptional because of the audio-visual experience that we are able to deliver during the live stream. We have got positive feedback from our audiences who are now able to see us perform live from the comfort of their homes.

What are the challenges faced while conducting a virtual performance?

The biggest challenge for us was to step out of our comfort zone and perform in an environment where things were different technically as compared to an on-ground live performance. There were so many things that we had to learn and unlearn.

Also, being a live band we had never performed without the real audience. That was challenging, as we have to deliver the same energy and emotion through our music in a virtual scenario.

Lastly, getting clients who could buy into the idea of booking the band for a virtual concert and shelling out money was tough in the beginning. However, with time, now we see a reasonable number of queries being generated and conversions happening.

How are you coping up with the new normal and what are your future plans?

This time has been a big learning experience for us as a band as we are venturing into various aspects of going digital. We are spending a lot of time exploring our sound and will be coming out with our original music soon.

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media All India Permit band shares about their journey, going virtual with concerts, challenges therein and more.

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