Zuzer Lucknowala, Party Cruisers Limited Shares Insights on Entrepreneurship Program-‘The PEP Team'

Industry Watch | September 7, 2020 | Interview

The PEP Team Zuzer Lucknowala Party Cruisers Limited

Equipped with the best of knowledge and experience for the past 27 years, Party Cruisers Limited is the full-fledged event management company that strives to create unparalleled event experiences. Zuzer Lucknowala, CEO, Party Cruisers Limited has introduced ‘The PEP Team – Party Cruisers Limited Entrepreneurship Program.

Party Cruisers limited has taken this initiative to financially train and uplift entrepreneurs and to promote their ventures. Commenting on the program to EVENTFAQS Media, Zuzer explains:

How did you come up with the idea of ‘The PEP Team’ – Party Cruisers Limited Entrepreneurship Program? Please share the details.

The idea came up from my past experience of over 15 years where I have found out that while hiring people, approx. 7 out of 10 people are willing to venture into becoming employers in the event & wedding industry but due to certain situations, also people who have tried being entrepreneurs but failed have come back to employment due to certain reasons of failure and lack of vision and support in terms of Finance /Infrastructure/operation management, they are not able to cope up with the industry and that leads them towards failure before even putting their steps forward. And this situation generated this innovative idea to prepare a squad that can deal with the above situation and provides these talented individuals with complete infrastructure, office space, designers, production team, client servicing team, brand name, and more.

The idea is to give guidance and Mentorship of Party Cruisers Experienced Team called as Party Cruisers Entrepreneurship Program aka “PEP Team” and what entrepreneur will get from this squad is – Commercial / Infrastructure and Mentorship support and whatever the net profit generated from all business acquired during the tenure with PEP will be divided equally on a 50:50 ratio between both the parties which is a high ratio compared to what other investors /mentors will offer.

What were your expectations from this initiative? Can you share insights on how ‘The PEP Team’ will benefit the entrepreneurs?

The core expectation and idea behind this initiative is to bring talented people from Event Industry, Weddings,  MICE, ATL, BTL, SD&F, Conferences/Seminar Events, Artist Management, Social Event, IP Property, Online Conferences, Online Events, Experiential & Network Marketing, PR, Advertising & Media, Digital Marketing and Technology and Interior Designing to create a sensitive and effective ecosystem of entrepreneurship and secondly to organize and bring them under one roof to create a strong army of young entrepreneurship with the idea to create a wonderful nouveau experience for the entire industry and for clients as well under the guidance of the PEP Squad. Also to boost the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in the event industry and other ancillary industry connected to this and to channelize and invest in some of the good leads generated by the entrepreneurs and ensure the success of the event or whatever they are on board.

Tell us is this opportunity inspired by the challenges thrown at the industry by the Covid19 lockdown?

We thought of launching this concept in April last year. It’s almost a year. But the COVID 19 situation has only triggered it even faster because of talented people losing their jobs. As there are no jobs in the market and a lot of talented people are sitting home idle trying to figure what to do they open their own start-up, but this requires some amount of investment and that is the reason why we are thinking of offering this entrepreneurship program to help them design and build their own venture.

What other future initiatives are planned through campaigns/activation/engagement for Party Cruisers Ltd.?

There are a few other concepts that we are looking at for providing opportunities through collaborations and merger while providing digital, marketing, and financial & production support.

Zuzer Lucknowala believes, "Entrepreneurship is not the destination. It is a journey. "


Zuzer Lucknowala, CEO, Party Cruisers Limited has introduced ‘The PEP Team – Party Cruisers Limited Entrepreneurship Program.Commenting on the program to EVENTFAQS Media, Zuzer explains:

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