Event Crafter Champions Folk Musicians, Channels Donations with Taalbelia Weekend Jams

Entertainment | July 15, 2020 | News

Event Crafter

Folk musicians were an already challenged lot with their genre losing relevance with time. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected these stakeholders of the live entertainment industry more, arguably, than others.

Event Crafter has announced the launch of Taalbelia - Folk Alive, Weekend Jams to put them in the online spotlight and also channel funds to them. Taalbelia is a residential music festival run by Event Crafter.

“Folk Music which has thousands of years of legacy had already been facing the challenge of extinction.And then came this pandemic, which has triggered this extinction manyfold. More and more musicians and performers are finding it extremely tough to even provide two meals to their family in a day. The folk musicians were largely dependent on the ‘Jajman’ culture coming through ages where these musicians go and perform in celebrations like weddings, mundan, or any special social occasion. Since the lockdown, there has been no avenue for their performances, hence no earning whatsoever. Taalbelia as a festival always had a soul of folk music while all kinds of genres of music immersed into it smoothly to make it a unique multi-genre music and cultural experience. Reliving the same vibes we bring you Taalbelia- Folk Alive, Weekend Jams which will not only be a great showcase of the immersive and collaborative highlight of the festival, but will also be a unique platform where the folk musicians performing on the day can get live donations directly in their personal account through Paytm/UPI/Digital Payments,” said Siddhartha Chaturvedi, Founder and CEO, Event Crafter.

He added, “By doing this, we not only give them a platform of performing to a larger set of audience, which they have been missing, but we also help them financially to sustain these tough times and not venture into any other daily wage labour. There also will be a unique collaboration between a renowned artist who comes to the support of these folk musicians, creating a unique, new, collaborative music virtually.”

Going live every weekend, the platform will feature collaborations between an established artist and one folk artist/ group, who will be creating music together.

The first set will go live on 18th July, 2020at 7pm with Namit Das and AnuragShanker in collaboration withTalab khan, ThanuKhan, KutlaKhan, GoramKhan from the dunes of Barna village in Jaisalmer.

Event Crafter has announced the launch of Taalbelia - Folk Alive, Weekend Jams to put artists in the online spotlight and also channel funds to them.

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