Event Frat Creates Safe Products for the ‘New Normal’

Industry Watch | July 15, 2020 | Feature

Touchwood Safe Six Feet Wide Iso Shield Event Tech

Living with the pandemic is becoming the ‘New Normal’ and the event industry is now gearing up to address the attendant set of challenges. Companies are adapting to a new style of functioning and introducing new products for safe virtual and hybrid events.

EVENTFAQS Media captures event firms that are leading the charge with future-ready products for the ‘New-Normal’.

Touchwood Group - Touchwood Safe

Touchwood Group recently launched the first intelligent disinfection thermo machine in India, Touchwood Safe. The machine integrates advanced infrared detection and induction control technology, face recognition, infrared dynamic temperature measurement, ultrasonic atomization, no dead angle disinfection, data recording, and statistical report generation.

The machine has functions to ensure personnel identification, temperature status, intelligent voice prompt alarm for abnormal body temperature, etc. All of these are packed in one machine to ensure the safety of guests and staff.

Speaking about the launch, Vijay Arora, Director, Touchwood Group, said, “Looking at the current situation and its effects, it was the need of an hour to introduce something that could help people stay safe yet come out and live their normal life without fear. To cope up with COVID-19 pandemic and restart the working procedures safely, we brought in the first intelligent disinfection thermo machine.”

Sculpt – Six Feet Wide

As we make our way back to our working lives - whether at home or back to office spaces - we need to be ready to embrace a new work culture. Six Feet Wide is a ‘Capsule Collection’ from Sculpt and Six-inch India, that was born with this ‘New Normal’ in mind.

It has everything from COVID essentials, work-from-home and back-to-home kits, and even a ‘COVID-Free’ collection with a weatherproof coating, allowing the furniture to be washed and sanitized every hour.

Namrata Seth, Director, and Founder, Sixinch & Sculpt, said, “Six Feet Wide, while conceived as a COVID Capsule Collection, offers some solutions that can and should stay beyond the pandemic. From renting sustainably, to incorporating the Sixinch collection which is washable and has very high hygiene standards, we also have created a range that can be easily incorporated in office spaces cost-effectively.”

These are not only COVID-safe but are now going to become an integral part of every space as it just encourages safe hygiene practices, she added.

The kits include essentials like masks and sanitizers to reusable bottles and motivational stationery that can be personalized.

Iso Shield by Warren D'Souza, SOUND.COM

Warren D'Souza, Founder and MD, SOUND.COM, recently announced the launch of Iso Shield, which has developed a range of germ shields to get businesses safely up and running again.

The offerings include a countertop product of various sizes to reduce the risk of transmission of viruses at the workplace.  The product can be customized to suit office layouts and specific requirements.

Speaking about the new venture, Warren D'Souza, Founder and MD, SOUND.COM said, "I used to make drum shields and sound isolation panels for concerts and stage shows and that’s how I got the idea to make ISO shield - a similar product for the ongoing issue. I took the experience I had and started making these shields and cough guards by switching just the applications. But the challenge was, with this new venture we got into a new market. That raised the question of how to market this product.

It was a sudden shift from entertainment and rental equipment service provider business to healthcare services. Despite being a start-up ISO shield became a success because we were genuinely concerned about our customer safety. There is a health and safety angle towards the whole thing. Luckily, I had done a health and safety course in the UK a few years back, so I was aware of the safety measures that were required for this venture.

Recently, I also did a course on respiratory diseases including Covid-19 conducted by the WHO. I got myself prepared to get into this business of health and safety since I should also know what I am talking about."

"I am happy that I am not just providing a product or a service but also educating myself and my staff in this whole new venture. So tomorrow when you do something like this even your staff has to be of the same caliber. They should understand that when we are manufacturing a product, we have to manufacture such that no germs or viruses are transmitted to the customer. When we are installing it on-site, we have to make sure that the product is not installed in an unsafe way. So it’s very important that we educate ourselves with the PPE equipment that our staff use. They are even trained on how to take out and wear a mask and how to clean hands. We think what we are doing is a serious thing and it is saving people’s lives and that is the most important thing. The main reason to start this venture was basically for droplet protection. It is beyond the business of social distancing products", he added. 

The company is also offering keys in various styles and colors so that one does not have to make contact with the elevator or ATM buttons.

Event Tech - Antimicrobial Protection

Event Tech is offering ‘Six Months Antimicrobial Surface Protection’ to its clients. This is billed as an advanced treatment for surfaces and objects inside any facility. Certified technicians adhere to strict application protocols and each service includes a window decal and a sanitation certificate signed by the technician, which can be displayed for patrons and employees to know the environment is sanitized. This protection has been EPA approved and verified and tested by CSIR-iiTr for long term assurance.

Contact us at edit@eventfaqs.com if you want us to cover your story related to safe products for the new normal!

EVENTFAQS Media captures event firms that are leading the charge with future-ready products for the ‘New-Normal’.

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