OHM Live, a 24 Hour Fundraiser Event for COVID-19 Relief Witnesses 12 Million Viewers Globally

Entertainment | July 1, 2020 | Press Release

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Global superstars joined millions of viewers across the world on May 29 and 30 to take part in OHM Live, a ground-breaking, live-streamed event in aid of COVID-19 relief. The first-ever OHM Live drew millions of live viewers and reached over 220 Million people across the world through social media as an incredible line-up of international talent shared messages of hope, positivity, and unity – inspiring hundreds of thousands of dreams.

Jason Derulo, Avril Lavigne, Dua Lipa, Eva Longoria Báston, CeeLo Green, Maluma, Deepak Chopra, Jewel, Ricky Martin, Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar and Jacqueline Fernandes who delivered a world exclusive performance of “Recuerdo” alongside Carla Morrison from his new album Pause, were just some of the A-list stars who contributed to the broadcast. Another was poet Tomos Roberts, AKA Probably Tom Foolery, who read an original poem on the show’s concept of dreaming.

“Probably Tom Foolery was one of the many artists who joined us on OHM Live and he summed up in the best way why humanity needs to start dreaming again – the reason why we launched OHM Live in the first place,” commented Jean-Karl Saliba and Zaid Fredericks, Co-founders, Constellation.

Presented by Constellation and ITP Live, OHM Live began on Friday, May 29th at 1600 GMT and eventually covered more than 26 hours as content flowed in from around the world. Co-hosts Tom Urquhart and Rosemin Madhavji piloted the broadcast for the duration of the event – which organizers believe is a world record. The entire OHM Live show is now available to watch at constellation.art

The broadcast was watched live by in excess of 12.5 million viewers, who tuned in on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV and TikTok as well as on a number of major TV networks and, in the United States, ABC News Live. The social media content reached an additional 220 million people throughout the duration of the campaign.

Invited by OHM Live to “dream with us”, viewers also submitted more than 166,000 dreams to the Constellation website, which are now displayed on itsWall of Dreams alongside unique pieces of graphic art that were generated with each dream entry.

The broadcast was seeking to raise funds for OHM Live’s Constellation Dream Fund, whose beneficiaries include Global Gift Foundation, the philanthropic organization that became a key partner in the event, Dubai Cares, a key charity partner regionally, the International Red Cross, the Red Crescent and FromU2Them, all of whom support those on the front lines fighting the current pandemic. The event was also aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – a universal call to improve lives and protect the planet.

The fund will now remain open for six months to ensure the maximum donations are received – and their allocation distributed to areas of most need over that time. 

“OHM Live was a starting point, a catalyst, the goal was to launch Constellation and share its message of uniting the world through the power of aspirational dreams. We connected humanity for 24 hours and we couldn’t be more excited about the way the world responded. But OHM Live was just the first of our dreams. The work now begins to ensure we continue to inspire people around the world to envision a bold new future for our planet.” Jean-Karl Saliba, Co-founder, Constellation.  

“When I was asked to be a part of this I jumped at the opportunity. I feel like this is needed now more than ever. Everybody still needs to have those goals in mind to keep us going.” commented artist Jason Derulo.

“To see so many people from all parts of the world sharing dreams and engaging with the line-up of dream ambassadors truly embodied the spirit of One Humanity Live, it’s been surreal to see how a team from all over the world has managed to pull off a truly global charity event – most of it over Zoom! This is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey as we weave the dreams of humanity together to create the new narrative to shape the planet,” said Zaid Fredericks, Co-founder, Constellation.


Global superstars joined millions of viewers across the world on May 29 and 30 to take part in OHM Live, a ground-breaking, live-streamed event in aid of COVID-19 relief.

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