Event Equipment Services Association Goes National to Bring Together Companies in the Event Industry

Industry Watch | June 29, 2020 | Press Release


Event Equipment Services Association (EESA) registered as a society in October 27, 2018, Bengaluru, under Societies Act, XXI of 1960 brings together and represents companies across India who offer equipment and professional services for the event industry. It aims to be an umbrella that is open to everyone who are part of the following Industries- 

  • Sound
  • Stage lighting
  • LED & Video Displays
  • Truss & Rigging
  • Stage, Infrastructure, Decor & Floral
  • Generators
  • General Lighting
  • SFX, Lasers, Pyro & Aerial Rigging


EESA began its journey accepting members from Karnataka. While the current pandemic COVID-19 has impacted people's lives largely, it has also brought all together and inspired the decision to accept members from outside Karnataka, and consequently, EESA morphed into becoming a national association.

Felix Remedios, President, EESA said, “EESA represents the Event Industry Vendor Community. Bonding together under one umbrella on a national platform helps bring recognition to the industry on a pan-India level, raise technical and safety standards through education and workshops, and exchange dialogs with various Event  Management Associations for a better and more professional working relationship which will help raise the bar on the quality of Events in the country.”

Santana Davis, Vice President EESA said, “Its really sad that we as an industry in India are not even recognized as a contributing Industry, So the whole purpose of EESA was planned with a vision to bring together companies offering similar services in the Event Industry so that we can face common problems and pool our resources for the betterment of the industry. With the Vision of EESA going national we shall now be able to represent ourselves to the Government in a more efficient manner for any issue affecting this industry now or in the future. We would definitely like to work hand in hand with the Event Management industry where both could be complimentary and contributory to each other. We would also thrive to bring unity among rental Industry with Cross Rental Support amongst members, as well as Improve the working conditions of staff.”

EESA is a body that beliefs in “together we can achieve more” through networking, collaborations, international outlook so that companies can learn from each other and form standardized processes that will help represent themselves with customers, international bodies, and government for larger benefit. Members of EESA are confident that they are going to be much more impactful as a national association and progress to become an international association and they look forward to the togetherness.

EESA brings together and represents companies across India who offer equipment and professional services for the event industry.

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