"The 'virtual' experiential is presently the way to go" - Sagar Pingali, Owner, Catpro Events

Industry Watch | June 25, 2020 | Interview

EEMA Election 2020 Sagar Pingali Catpro Events

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Sagar Pingali, Catpro Events is a dynamic leader in the business of events and experiential marketing for the past 20+ years,  has an experience of over 5000 events will be seen contesting in the EEMA Elections 2020. 

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, Sagar Pingali, Owner, Catpro Events talks about his agendas, EEMA's growth, changes he plans to bring, and more ahead of EEMA Election 2020.

How will your proposed agenda/plan for EEMA help the association on real gains/achievements?

One of the focus areas of my agenda is strengthening and empowering the regions – build inclusivity, resolve regional issues, and activate the regional leaders of the association to drive initiatives in their focus areas. With stronger regions, EEMA as a whole, becomes stronger too, centrally. Apart from that, with the diversity in our states and country, Govts in states need to be addressed, on local state issues faced by the industry. Due representations, to the various state governments, will also build traction for EEMA members and the ecosystem state wise. All these will lead to a more robust apex body functioning in the experiential ecosystem

EEMA is still looked upon as an elitist association, do you agree? (Please substantiate and suggest what can be done?)

Possibly, till a few years ago, EEMA was looked upon as elitist. However, with a change in membership policy in the last few years, a reduction in membership fees, and a thrust on inclusivity, the membership has definitely increased. There has also been a thrust, on tie-ups with regional associations of event companies and others in the experiential ecosystem. These will be formalized in the time to come. And more such partnerships will be developed. Apart from that, inclusivity has been brought in by opening up memberships to vendor partners, freelancers, artists, etc. These membership categories will also be driven, to reach out in larger numbers, to bring more of the ecosystem into the fold. Efforts are also being planned for the existing members of all categories to become more inclusive.

This next executive committee needs to be driven and dedicated to a post-covid new normal, what are your efforts going to be to revive and assist the industry in the next 2 years?

Efforts in the post-Covid new normal will have to be very diverse. These will have to be driven, not just by the executive committee, but by the entire membership. The new normal is yet intangible. We will have to be very dynamic to change, as things evolve. Currently, the entire industry is unsure of when the new normal will be able to be defined. Kickstarting the revival will also be subject to support from the allied industries and the Government. We will have to handhold each other through this revival. Representations will be made to the Central and various state government sectors for support, recognition, and action. The “virtual” experiential is presently the way to go. Till everything opens up. Integrating virtual into the physical experiential space will also need to happen. Upgrading technological skills and other skill sets will be imperative for all the teams. These initiatives need to be taken up. These are difficult times. Not just for our industry or our country but the entire world.

What in your opinion are the wrongs of EEMA that should and will be corrected in your tenure, should you be elected?

EEMA, as an association, has taken up a number of activities and initiatives over the years. In the nascent stages, efforts might not have been up to everybody’s expectations. However, the unstinting efforts of various Executive Committees, the office bearers, and the members have brought the association till here. I, personally, don't see any wrongs. What has to be done, is strengthen the initiatives, begun in the earlier years. For example, the We Care initiative. New initiatives will need to come in, based on the dynamic need of the current day scenario. All I can say is that, if elected, I hope I can live up to the expectations of the members, in working on these and my focal points in my agenda. My thrust would be to make EEMA the relevant apex industry association for the experiential ecosystem.

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, Sagar Pingali, Owner, Catpro Events talks about his agendas, changes he plans to bring, and more ahead of EEMA Election 2020.

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