"We are united by our belief in EEMA" - Harjinder Singh, ShowWorks Eventz

Industry Watch | June 25, 2020 | Interview

EEMA Election 2020 ShowWorks Eventz Harjinder Singh

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Harjinder Singh Jindi, Director, ShowWorks Eventz Pvt. Ltd. with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry and skilled in Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Event Management, and Sponsorship also currently Sports Administrator and managing Ice hockey in India is contesting for NEC - General Secretary at EEMA Elections 2020.

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media Harjinder Singh Jindi shares insights on his agenda, thoughts on EEMA's Progress, EEMA election 2020, and more! 

How will your proposed agenda/plan for EEMA help the association on real gains/achievements?

When we had set out to form EEMA, it was our vision to be the apex body of the industry, to work together as equals to build an ecosystem of respect, support, and collaboration. We dreamed of educating each other, sharing knowledge, celebrating the success of each other, and building an ecosystem that can engage with the government for the benefit of all. 

What are we addressing : 
A) Inclusive change
B) external influence for change 

1) Unity in Diversity

As an industry, we need to stand as one.  Though this may be utopian in thought, n reality, we need to strive towards it. We are diverse by the kinds of businesses we specialize in; Corporate events, weddings, exhibitions, activation, digital, sports, concerts, and rural activation. We are diverse by the locations we operate from our spread across the cities, our own education and business backgrounds, the size of our companies and our employees; our socio-economic backgrounds, the clients that we focus on, and our leadership teams and our financial success.

But we are united by our business interests and passion for event management. We are united by our belief in EEMA. However, this may not be enough to unite us. And speak the same language, we need to stand together for our future, the future of our industry, our companies, our employees, and our clients. Only when this realization sets in, can we unite, till then the diversities in our unity will exist.

2) Voice for the Industry –


We have to have a larger base of Members across India to be the rightful representative voice for the Industry.

  • Increase the membership of EEMA in the coming year. More numbers should help build a collective voice before government and policymakers.
  • Ensure EEMA becomes the industry’s apex body with regional associations across the country as members or supported by EEMA
  • Encourage Event managers to join organized sector and become EEMA members
  • Ensure all membership categories have a voice in EEMA’s various committees and in the larger EEMA ecosystem.
  • Continue to build EEMA’s presence across Media and amplify EEMA’s social media presence and community engagement
  • Provide members support through knowledge-sharing, legal support, business consultancy and introduced standardized contracts for HR, Supply chain and Artists, Venues, Clients, insurance, etc.


EEMA is still looked upon as an elitist association, do you agree? (Please substantiate and suggest what can be done?)

No. We started with 90 Platinum members in 2008 and were 120 in  2018. In the last 2 years with an emphasis on INCLUSIVITY, EEMA has 170 platinum members today and a total of 514 members in all categories. With more than 5000 employees in member organizations who are entitled to be our club members- the strength goes to 5000 +.

EEMA has to maintain the leadership role and have all the regional associations either supported by us or as members. All the partners in our Event Industry Eco-System have to be convinced to share our idea of Inclusivity and amplify the voice of the Industry through EEMA.

All members including Event Managers, Artist Managers, Supply and Service Providers, Artists, Technicians need to be made part of the system for the benefit of a better and robust Industry Ecosystem.

This next executive committee needs to be driven and dedicated to a post-COVID new normal, what are your efforts going to be to revive and assist the industry in the next 2 years?

Adapting for the uncertain future

  • Build a community that’s focused on NEW business format and building relationships across the ecosystem, especially in the COVID19 times
  • Real to Virtual to Real. The dip in revenue stream has affected all of us in the industry. A new SOP’s in sync with the Government requirement would be critical to keeping the kitchen fire going. The quick turnaround from Virtual to Real should be made possible by adapting to an acceptable format presented from EEMA to the various state governments.
  • The biggest threat is when our Clients develop the habit of Virtual events and forget the Real Events on Ground. Efforts to get back to physical events would be a priority


What in your opinion are the wrongs of EEMA that should and will be corrected in your tenure, should you be elected?

  • Work towards creating our own EEMA Education Institute; Create a relevant curriculum for Event Management Institutes. Focus on Train the trainer's program to improve the quality of event education
  • Strengthen WeCare initiative of EEMA and implementation of Vishakha Committee guidelines for the safety of women in our industry
  • Bring in much-required changes in the EEMA constitution. Having drafted the MOA and Constitution for EEMA, the priority would be to adopt and amend the current constitution keeping in mind the changing times and circumstances.
  • Ensuring more tangible benefits to existing members and facilitate increased participation of members in EEMA initiatives.
  • Ensure large numbers for membership and possibly reduce the fees
  • Amplify EEMA brand across the Client spectrum and possibly get Clients on board as EEMA Members
  • Involve Regional Associations in all EEMA Initiatives

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media Harjinder Singh Jindi, contesting for NEC - General Secretary at EEMA Elections 2020 shares insights on his agenda, thoughts on EEMA's Progress & more.

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