NEP Group Along with Skyway Studios Launch LED Smart Stage to Support Live Events

Industry Watch | June 24, 2020 | Press Release

Creative Technology NEP Group Lightborne Communications Skyway Studios

NEP Group, a worldwide outsourced production partner for premier content producers of live sports and entertainment, in partnership with Skyway Studios, has installed the first general-production LED “smart stage” in Nashville to support the local entertainment market as well as national broadcasts and live events. Using the latest in Ultra High-resolution LED, the NEP-Skyway Smart Stage transforms the typical flat-wall stage into a true 3D environment, allowing for unlimited creative possibilities and more natural exchange between the talent and the virtual space. Presenters and performers can walk on stage and immediately feel comfortable in the space, reducing or even eliminating the need for additional rehearsal time. 

Creative Technology, an audio-visual equipment supplier in Dubai is a member of the NEP group. The facility opened its doors last week, featuring video content and 3D graphics developed by Lightborne Communications to give visitors an inside look at the creative possibilities of the technology.

Designed to accommodate a full national touring act performing a complete concert in the space, the stage is the largest of its kind for production rental and offers a dynamic, virtual backdrop for a wide range of productions including concerts, touring acts, news/politics shows, and events, film & TV, entertainment, sports award, talk shows, still photography, corporate meetings/events and more. The 38’wide x 20’ deep x 14’ tall stage is part of a 150,000+ square foot facility with many amenities and features including 4 full-size sound stages and virtual insert stages, ample space for social distancing between performers and crew, limited labor needed to install and operate the stage and full studio amenities including complete Hair, Makeup and Executive Greenrooms.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the opening of the Nashville Smart Stage. Our teams have worked very hard to build out the studio quickly with this technology, thanks to our strong partnership with Skyway Studios and the content talents of Lightborne, we can offer a creative, cost-effective option in a virtual, safe environment to our clients. The visual opportunities and types of productions that can use this facility are almost endless.” said Graham Andrews, Global President, NEP Live Events.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with two global leaders, NEP and Lightborne, on this revolutionary technology here in Nashville. Skyway has been at the forefront of technical innovation over the years, but this new Smart Stage enables us to provide an experience that is unmatched in the marketplace. Given Nashville’s position as a market leader in the entertainment industry and the changing landscape that we are all facing in the marketplace, having this technical capability will allow artists, production companies, corporations, and agencies the opportunity to create unrivaled content in their hometown," said Julie Stadler, CEO, Skyway Studios.

Scott Durban, President, Lightborne Communications, said “Working alongside NEP and Skyway Studios has been an incredible opportunity to pair cutting-edge technology and a top-of-the-line studio facility with Lightborne’s renowned content creation abilities. We have a long history creating environmental content for live events and concerts as well as doing traditional VFX and production work. Using Unreal Engine to create content for this space draws on all of our capabilities and combines them into a new kind of alchemy that has seemingly endless conceptual, narrative, and visual potential.”

NEP Group & Skyway Studios have installed the first general-production LED “smart stage” in Nashville to support the local entertainment market as well as national broadcasts and live events.

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