Thomas Cook & SOTC Along with Apollo Clinics Launch the 'Assured' Safe Travel Program

Industry Watch | June 17, 2020 | Press Release

Thomas Cook Apollo Clinics SOTC Travel

Thomas Cook (India) Ltd., integrated travel services company, along with its Group Company SOTC Travel Ltd., jointly launched ‘Assured’ - a comprehensive program to safe travel in the COVID-19 era. The companies have partnered with Apollo Clinics - a member of the Apollo Hospitals Group, to jointly set a benchmark for safety in travel.

Thomas Cook India and SOTC, have spent the last few months talking to their customers to understand their concerns and priorities when it comes to travel in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant 75% of the respondents of the Thomas Cook India & SOTC Holiday Readiness Survey stated that health & safety was their overriding concern.

To build confidence that it is safe to travel again, the companies have worked jointly with partners across the travel eco-system to create the Thomas Cook & SOTC Assured program, that ensures meticulous health and safety protocols - at every stage of the customer journey - from the various contactless booking processes, safe physical outlets & processes at the sales/servicing pre-tour stage, as well as the on-tour stage.

The Assured Program also defines a series of comprehensive health and safety measures in place across every travel touch-point from airports, airlines, local transportation, hotels, restaurants, and attractions and encompasses employees and suppliers, sellers, and channels, including franchisees & customers.

Madhavan Menon, Chairman, and Managing Director, Thomas Cook India said, “Across Thomas Cook India & SOTC, our customers have been clear that health, hygiene, and safety is their prime concern when it comes to travel in the COVID-19 era. Hence, our Teams have spent significant time at the drawing board and worked jointly with key travel partners/stakeholders to create this very comprehensive initiative.

As part of the Assured Program, we have examined every customer touchpoint, right from inquiry via our websites or apps, interactions with our call centers, virtual visits via calls or video calls with our nearest branch – all to ensure contactless, safe interactions. Across every stage of our customers’ journey, they will find a host of measures put in place - across airports & airlines and then at every stage of their journey with our transport, hotel, restaurant and attractions partners. Our intent is that our Assured Program, serves as a handy guide/reference point that would assist all our stakeholders in the Travel & Tourism Industry achieve a single common goal i.e. ‘Safe travel for all Indians’.”

Ajay H Gangoli, Director Medical Services, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd., said “The Apollo group keeps patient and health professionals’ safety as a top priority. In these days of the COVID19 pandemic, the speed with which the virus has spread across the globe is very indicative that borders are not respected by these diseases. Apropos, the need to address issues to make travel safe fits into the Apollo goal.

The association with Thomas Cook India and SOTC, who are a recognized brand for travel, domestic and global, is an endeavor that will make travel safe and stress-free. Apollo Clinics and the Apollo Group have been at the forefront for creating safe environments for the home and office post the lockdown and this association is a natural progression for us to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

‘Assured’ is a comprehensive program to safe travel in the COVID-19 era by Thomas Cook & SOTC in association with Apollo Clinics.

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