Let's Get Virtual: 10 Companies that are Redefining Virtual Event Solutions!

Industry Watch | June 10, 2020 | Feature

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Extreme times of COVID-19 pandemic have pushed every industry to come up with creative solutions to sustain their businesses. Event industry experts have started reimaging their event line-ups with a creative solution of virtual events which has slowly become the new normal for the industry. 

We at EVENTFAQS Media have reported many stories on Virtual events conducted during the lockdown by various companies including IP Conclave, Live Nation, BookMyShow, Paytm Insider, Perecpt, Red FM to name a few!

It’s absolutely clear that virtual events are starting to represent the new normal in the world currently. But pulling off a true virtual event means more than simply going live on social media as it requires thoughtful planning, strategy, consideration, and above all else, design and aesthetics.

We are here with 10 Companies that are changing the way we look at Virtual Events -


Virtual events are not a cheap or an inexpensive replacement of an on-ground event in fact they are a hyper-personalized or detailed extension to the digital experiences. Tagglabs believe that virtual events are an opportunity that is taking digital experience to the next level. People currently are using virtual events as a response to COVID-19 but even after the situation normalizes people will use digital experiences regularly.

Due to technology people will now be able to do regular communication without the concern of time limitations. According to Tagglabs, a new trend is going to emerge and virtual events will hold a lot of value in the industry. Due to the current situation, everyone is now trained to use virtual communication on a regular basis which was not possible earlier. This opens opportunities for event planners and integrated solution providers to conduct virtual events or communication in the future. There is a big world where people know how to participate in virtual communication hence a great market to serve for years to come around virtual experiences and communication.

"Our Commitment is to use the technology "Uncancel" for all important events our community members were planning to conduct in 2020. We have recently helped 10 different IPs create a digital edition for IP owners including IP Conclave, Google, Nasscom, Love2humanity, Stayin Alive, ICICI to name a few. We are not here to make a quick buck around this crisis but we are here to solve the real problems of community owners. We are their partners in re-establishing broken communication and sharing the connection with their fans" said Hariom Seth, Chief Creative Technologist, Tagglabs. 

Scoop Brand Holdings

Scoop has done it in the real world and they are now geared up to build experiences in the digital world. They recently introduced a fully secured platform to unlock the endless possibilities of the reach of the internet which will enhance one’s live online events and content, that can be remotely produced and streamed live to any destinations of one’s choice. 

Scoop provides a platform where companies can customize and brand their content or event with customized static/animated backgrounds and animated logos. Virtual Event Solution provided by them includes a display of information through running tickers, banners, and supers, Integrate and display social media engagements (comments, tweets, etc.) and conduct the event in a 3D set.

“Our Clients reach out to us when they need better, faster, smarter, and cost-effective solutions. At Scoop, we, therefore, keep ourselves constantly updated with all the latest technologies & cutting edge solutions. As the world is getting digitalized, we are happy to announce our new virtual platform that provides an engaging experience between brand & audience. With our impeccable knowledge of events, content, and show running skills, our efforts are to deliver powerful virtual experiences that keep audiences and brands engaged” said Ali Safdar Zaidi, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Scoop Brand Holdings Pvt. Ltd.


SEES/hub launches a permanent home for virtual events in India, VCCI, Virtual Convention Centre India, built on a leading virtual events platform, that has already served a range of Conferences from Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, Interview Days, to even large Congresses, and has past success stories from both the Corporate and Association worlds. 

Offered as a DIY or a Full-Support solution, the platform has evolved over the last 5 years, to be malleable enough to give customized experiences from a small meeting to a complex multi-day conference running scores of sessions. Its User Interface is simple, easy, and intuitive, making it a proven success with a larger pool of users, even ones who are not very comfortable with the idea of using Tech. As a gated venue with its 2.5D setting offering a range of spaces from the lobby, multiple parallel lecture halls, pre-function area, engagement room, exhibition hall, sponsors corner, social networking and more, it packs in the punch that promises to fill in the gap of the missing energy of In-Person events. 

Cost-effectiveness, strong Analytics & Reporting, Ease in navigation, Attendee engagement possibilities, credible Hosting & Security credentials, are amongst the top factors on the basis of which to choose a virtual events platform. With the backing of a highly experienced and professional team packing in years of meeting planning experience, you will be guided on SOPs and best practices at all levels from agenda formation to LIVE support to Budgeting in full transparency.

"We at SEES empathize with the World and the meetings & events community in India that we too are a part of, owing to the ongoing crisis. But we are excited at the prospects of a post-COVID world that the meetings & events industry will open up to. The future undoubtedly is HYBRID. With the VCCI launch, we continue our commitment to bring the best EventTech solutions to India to help meeting planners and event organizers be at par with the world, NOW!”, said Nitin Sharma, Chief Ideator, SEES. 


CVENT provides Webinars, Virtual Conferences, Internal Hybrid Events, and External Hybrid Events as Virtual Event Solutions. They bring power and flexibility to virtual events with features like drive attendance, process registrations, and actionable insights.

They have 3 main solutions, namely, Mix & Meet, Happy Hour & Webinar 

According to them hosting a virtual event requires care and attention, one needs to effectively promote the event, engage their attendees, create memorable moments for attendees, and prove event success. Virtual events are not small one-off presentations, but are value-added, engagement-driven experiences; one can create an impactful event that extends well-beyond a computer screen.

Atthah Info Media

OLiVR – Online Interactive Virtual Realm is an initiative of Atthah to redefine the entire event landscape. With virtuality as the new normal, the event industry is changing. Virtual event & engagement is the answer that brands are looking for to communicate & engage with their stakeholders. But unlike other similar solutions, they went beyond the boring thought of replicating the traditional physical space into the virtual landscape.


Electric, conceived by Atthah & Sculpt brings forth a one-stop solution to all the digital needs. They curate and execute strategy/concepts, design together with technology to enhance the virtual experiences. From chroma shoots to virtual and hybrid events, they have options that not only address one's needs but budgets as well.  

A key component that enhances the virtual experiences, comes from creating an almost real on-ground feel that is easily achieved through chroma shoots. At Electric, one will find a range of solutions under their packages that have been designed to target a majority of events. 

“While virtual events have been around for a long time, the onset of the global pandemic has had many of us re-consider this medium. With the overwhelming explosion of information available, a lot of agencies and brands are contemplating on where to begin, the correct format, where to broadcast, the ideal platform, and how to achieve this quickly, cost-effectively, without compromising on engaging content and aesthetics. That's where Electrics' Kick Starter Packages come into action - a plug & play system they help clients choose from a menu of options to quickly close on a format and customize as per brand guidelines. Electric also offers the desired equipment & manpower to help you structure, design, script, shoot your capsule to perfection" said Namrata Seth, Creative Conceptualiser & Co-Founder, Sculpt.

“Virtual events replace the physical location of an event, invite people to participate from wherever they are, have the great potential of engaging and effectively reaching large numbers of people. With our growing understanding of technology, we are able to merge our strengths together with Sculpts’ experience in the event industry to make remote & virtual interactions as seamless and engaging as possible at Electric - Bringing the best of both worlds to our clients. Anything you think of can be created" said Shubham Saurabh, Tech Evangelist & Founder, Atthah. 

Blues N Coppers

Blues N Coppers, have decided to offer the benefits of exhibition marketing through a digital medium in the form of virtual exhibition booths. By doing so, it aims to enable businesses to continue their brand-building and lead generation efforts despite the long break from live events, at a much lower cost. 

Virtual exhibition booths act as digital replicas of live exhibition stalls, which visitors can access from their computers or handheld devices. They can get a 360-degree experience of the booth environment while enjoying life-like interactions with the brand’s products that can be presented in the form of dynamic 3D models.

"A virtual booth is a novel idea in the country as compared to the rest of the world where brands like Zeiss, Romaco, and Krones have already built stunning virtual exhibition stalls. We’re absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm surrounding the virtual exhibition booths in India. It is evident that businesses here are realizing the need for a medium to reach out to leads and customers during this hiatus from live exhibitions" said Navin Chandwani, Director, Blues N Coppers. 

Adsto LIVE 

Adsto LITE Everything Stream launched during lockdown to identify the problems and need to be associated with LIVE streaming/recording in HD. Adsto LITE is constantly working on the R&D to provide Digital broadcast and Video Technology solutions to improve broadcast from home. The average internet user now spends 6 hours & 43Min online each day which means people spend more than 40% of their waking lives using the internet. In this case of extreme screen fatigue, Brands will have to ensure that the stream is of great quality. 

Adsto LIVE is the first one to launch a complete DIY solution for creators, for streaming, across genres. They enable complete deployment as per use case, post understanding the use of the respective creator. They have another launch lined up, in the domain of streaming and virtual events. 


A post shared by Adsto LITE | Everything Stream (@adstolite) on

A digital broadcasting platform enables Adsto LIVE to run multiple shows/event formats on digital and allows them to fire LIVE with a mix of pre-recorded content and LIVE content. Adsto LIVE can enable Zoom feed into this, edit and add branding and go LIVE. Apart from Zoom, they have also managed to integrate a backend show-running setup, which works as a speaker room.

"While we expect events to return, we think Digital Broadcast will play a very crucial role. We have always been planning events thinking about the on-ground experience. Now, we have to also keep in mind the audience viewing it, in front of the screen" said Shivanand M. Lalwani, Director, Adsto LIVE. 
TechExp focuses on providing technology solutions to creating and enhancing experiences mainly in events and activation. With a good mix of experience and exuberance, it had some seasoned events and communication professionals at the same time some highly skilled and passionate gamers, coders, and designers. Leveraging on their experience of live events, TechExp built VExp, their very own ‘virtual event’ platform, as close to the real live events as possible. 
Speaking about the initiative, Ganesh Pande, Co-Founder, TechExp said, "Virtual events are here to stay. In the post Covid times, we will see a fair few events being a hybrid. I.e. going virtual in addition to being executed live."
The Government announced an Innovation Challenge for Development of a Video Conferencing Solution, in a very hostile way. Tagbin has initiated its role by designing an all-in-one platform – BridgeIn - Bridging India, a video conferencing interface, with integrated all-in-one work-from-home solution with Task Management System and DMS (Document Management System). 

This application is in its testing phase and Tagbin has already introduced its practice in communicating office work and sharing important files. They are using an AI and ML-based solution in the video conferencing app which will bring innovation in the field of Video Conferencing Solutions.

Contact us at edit@eventfaqs.com if you want us to cover your story related to virtual events!

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Event industry experts have started reimaging their event line-ups with a creative solution of virtual events which has slowly become the new normal for the industry.

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