Zzeeh Productions Executes 3 Weddings at Home Making it Couple’s Dream Wedding Amidst Lockdown!

Weddings | June 2, 2020 | Press Release

Zzeeh Productions

Coronavirus has truly changed the face of weddings in India, couples are moving from a big fat Indian wedding to a small intimate affair. Wedding planners are striving to execute small scale weddings with all possible elements to make it a couple’s dream wedding amidst lockdown.   

Conducting a wedding during such a crucial time is very challenging as the couple, family, and planners have to follow very strict rules imposed by the government of India. Zzeeh Productions in spite of all barriers seamlessly conducted 3 small scale weddings during the COVID-19 situation.

Zzeeh Productions beautifully execute the 1st wedding in just 3 hours! According to the rules they were only allowed to operate from 7 am to 11:30 am which was quite challenging but they achieved it. This multi-cultural wedding was conducted on May 5th at the couple’s terrace with amazing pink and golden décor.

Zzeeh Productions did a proper set up of the beautiful floral Mandap and a Photobooth with a good looking carpet to make the venue attractive. The couple and the family were awestruck to see the stunning arrangements done at an affordable cost as they initially planned a big fat Indian wedding with 2000 guests.

Due to a family emergency brother and sister decided to keep their wedding during such a situation. Zzeeh Events & weddings effortlessly executed their wedding ceremonies at multiple venues to keep it innovative.  The couple Anjali and Jitu’s wedding was conducted on May 23rd while Richa and Rahul’s was conducted on May 24th.

Mehendi ceremony was planned at their apartments out area on May 21th with two queen crown setups for both the brides with a photo booth between them. Décor for the ceremony was kept simple yet elegant with flowers and a combination of yellow and green fabric.

The sangeet ceremony was fun as the couple and guests had a crazy evening celebration with great arrangements. Décor for the sangeet was stunning Zzeeh Productions created artificial hydrangea flower wall with fairy lights and bulbs with holders.

Anjali and Jitu’s wedding on May 23th was executed inside the apartment with a ceiling height of 8 ft which made it difficult to set up the mandap. The planner kept the wedding décor simple and played around with flowers, white flower chains was used all over the mandap with white and red roses.  

Richa and Rahul’s wedding was conducted at the balcony area of the couple’s house with big mandap and floral wall decor. Zzeeh Productions used pink, red, and white flowers to design the mandap with white flower chains hanging making it the highlight of the wedding.

“This is the time to innovate according to the place you get to do weddings. As weddings have become smaller in number, you need to design as per the venue in place. You can’t take your bigger setups which you did earlier and make them smaller and put it in small places. Smaller places need minimalist decor which stands out and looks classy. Lightings are the Key in these small weddings and the detailing has to be perfect as it’s a small place there is no room for mistakes” said Zubair Abdul Waheed,  Managing Director, Zzeeh Productions Pvt LTD. 


Zzeeh Productions in spite of all barriers seamlessly conduct 3 small scale weddings during the COVID-19 situation.

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