Touchwood Group Takes Over IP Space in less than 2 years with 6 IPs

Marketing | June 2, 2020 | Press Release

Touchwood Group

Touchwood Group, the only listed Event Management Company specializes in a variety of event facilities, ranging from event planning & marketing to production and legal services for the events.

Touchwood is known for its larger than life, awe-inspiring setups and formats, and completely personalized service to clients. It provides end-to-end solutions for all kinds of events - corporate, social, or political.

They entered the IP space with the Gourmet Entertainment Show in 2018 after which there was no turning back! Touchwood Group has grown tremendously in recent years with large scale weddings and 6 successful IPs.

Here is the list of IPs successfully created by Touchwood Group-

The Gourmet Entertainment Show-

Food in India has always been the highest form of entertainment and it is the most important element of Weddings, Social and Special Events. The Gourmet Entertainment Show by Touchwood Group is a platform created to take forward the culinary journey of celebrations in India on to a world stage. It is an event that is designed to enable planners of the most extraordinary events to push the envelope by engaging with and learning from the best in the business of Gourmet Entertainment.

Make Me Up-

An initiative by Touchwood Group, Make Me Up is India’s only platform that connects consumers to top-notch beauty professionals, and provides access to beauty experiences. The vision behind it is to facilitate make-up to be easy to understand and accessible to all, with on-ground experience and off ground sales. Its business model is a Subscription-based approach to provide all premium services in beauty and health segments.

Matchmakers Conclave

Touchwood Group introduced Matchmakers Conclave to build a community that beautifies the industry of matchmakers and business is shaped out, beneficial in opening various avenues and embracing all the top-notch matchmakers from all over India. The aim is to unfold the pages in a manner wherein the matchmakers are looked at from a different perspective; that is they gather to form the rock-solid foundation equivalent to that of a marriage.

HNI Shaadi-

Touchwood Group’s HNI Shaadi is a family of Matchmakers from India, working collaboratively towards providing impeccable matrimonial service to the HNI group of India and abroad.

Touchwood Wedding School-

Touchwood Group introduced Touchwood Wedding School to nurture the best talent with the sole purpose of enlightening young minds and to provide them with maximum exposure in the wedding industry through their certified courses. The IP aims at providing expert sessions, workshops from renowned members from the world of weddings, with utmost attention to details and in all spheres of wedding management.

Wed Nation- 

Wed Nation, an initiative by Touchwood Group, is a first-of-its-kind digital platform for the event fraternity to discuss their vision, objectives, achievements, goals, and learning on a common platform for the new age event manager. Whilst much of the dialogue revolved around how best to equip and prepare for a post-pandemic event and wedding industry in India, dialogues also addressed opportunities for the experiential industry and encouraged positivity in outlook. Wed Nation2020 delivered a successful show in just 7 days of planning and organizing the initiative, in spite of challenges posed by the working situations around Coronavirus. Touchwood teams worked virtually with each other and with speakers and participants to ensure a hugely successful turnout and engagement, a never seen before effort on the digital medium.

Touchwood Group has 3 more exciting IPs- Business of Politics, Wedfest, and Wedadvisor in the pipeline. Stay tuned with EVENTFAQS Media to know about their upcoming IPs.

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They entered the IP space with the Gourmet Entertainment Show in 2018 after which there was no turning back! They have grown tremendously in recent years with large scale weddings and 6 successful Ips

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