Tagbin Joins an Initiative for India’s Own Video Conferencing Solution that can Help Event Industry

Industry Watch | May 22, 2020 | News

Tagbin Experiential Innovators

Amidst COVID 19 epidemic, several meetings have been dropped everywhere throughout the world, and delays in the management of the project occurred due to last-minute updates. Hence, the event coordinators as required are rethinking their choices in order to adjust to the current situation. 

A substantial rise is seen in the use of virtual conferences catering to different lines of event verticals. Some corporates have already ensured meetups at webinars and other digital platforms. And many are still hunting for a secure and well-defined interface wherein they can carry forward with their events through conferences. This will deliver many event companies residential and global meetings in an assortment of ventures.

Whilst COVID19 remained to disturb the actual economic growth, the Indian administration is working hard to seek a reliable alternative to bring such companies and schools all together with their fellow co-workers to get the work done. The Government has therefore announced an Innovation Challenge for Development of a Video Conferencing Solution, in a very hostile way. 

The overall objective of Make in India was to generate jobs but during the scenario of COVID-hit economies, also, lately after hearing the news of ‘zoom’ being an unreliable application and prone to major security concerns, the government has some given some set details to not be dependent on the outside market for solutions that include nation’s privacy. 

Conference meeting applications popped out as one crucial need in coronavirus spread, and so the government has worked on a framework of features that a reliable application should entail. It must be a well-performing and safety concerned software application or a web interface where corporates, schools, and colleges can come and share and communicate over work matters. 

The government is considering encouraging Indian enterprises in domestically developed services such as e-commerce and information technology sectors to come forward and bring the change. 

Tagbin has already initiated its role by designing an all-in-one platform – BridgeIn - Bridging India, a video conferencing interface, with integrated all-in-one work-from-home solution with Task Management System and DMS (Document Management System). 

This application is in its testing phase and Tagbin has already introduced its practice in communicating office work and sharing important files. They are using an AI and ML-based solution in the video conferencing app which will bring innovation in the field of Video Conferencing Solution.

Tagbin has already initiated its role by designing an all-in-one platform – BridgeIn, Bridging India, a video conferencing interface, with an integrated all-in-one work-from-home solution.

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