Visionary Educationists Come Together to Discuss Developing Next Gen Professionals at EEMA Eduposium

Business Events | May 15, 2020 | Press Release

EEMA Eduposium 2020

The brightest event industry leaders and creative minds came together to engage with event educationists and students at the EEMA Eduposium 2020 - a landmark conclave hosted by EEMA, the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) held on May 12th, 2020. This online symposium was moderated by Sushma Gaikwad, Co-Founder and Director, Wizcraft MIME, India’s premier management institute for Media and Entertainment, and featured some of the brightest visionaries in the education domain to share their perspectives and ideas on developing next-generation professionals, post Covid-19.

This exclusive interaction titled “Developing Next Generation Professionals” brought together eminent educationists, comprising Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, Dr. Indu Shahani, Prof (Dr.) Nageshwar Rao, Prof (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, visionaries Subhash Ghai and Ashish Kulkarni. Sushma Gaikwad, who is a leading educator and renowned event professional, life coach, and breakthrough communication strategist, steered the discussion.  

The discussion threw light on the mainstreaming of online education and how it is powerfully driving engagement and effective learning. It also addressed critical aspects in learning and higher education. Educationists and the next generation of professionals will benefit by paying heed to their insights and advice. 

Prof (Dr.) Nageshwar Rao, Vice-Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) New Delhi, stated, “Today, educational institutes have to evolve from just offering a particular degree to offering courses rather than fixed programs. Nowadays, students are looking to mix and match courses that will be useful for their future rather than just a degree in a particular domain.”

Prof Rao had previously worked as a professor at various universities including the University of Allahabad, Benaras Hindu University, and Vikram University, Ujjain for more than 26 years. Rao strongly believes that blended learning is the new normal in the higher education system. According to him, blended learning is a combination of physical, ODL (Online Distance Learning), and online learning. Dr. Rao added, “Educational institutions must go beyond traditional learning and adapt to make learning more convenient and cost-effective, which online learning fulfills in every way”. 

Award-winning film Director, Producer, and Founder, Whistling Woods International, Subhash Ghai said, “The world around us is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and the only constants are human stories, emotions, and physical reactions. While platforms and technology will keep changing, the success of an organization will be determined by the person’s ability to tell a story. The value of education is in teaching one how to be creative. Regardless of profession, he highlighted the power of imagination.” His advice to Gen Z was to become seekers and explorers instead of followers and repeaters.

Dr. Indu Shahani, a visionary-educationist, President & Chair, ISDI – School of Design & Innovation, and Founding Dean, ISME – School of Management Entrepreneurship shared her experience of transforming the DICE schools into a virtual school overnight. She highlighted that till date across the ISDI and ISME schools, 150 teachers have conducted over 3,000 hours of teaching for 2,000 students. 

Dr. Shahani said, “The future is Ed-digital with higher education becoming 100% digital. Virtual learning means leaving no student behind. As teachers can provide individual attention over virtual classes, no student is in the “backbench” anymore. On video lectures, every student is in the front row.” 

She added that data from surveys about student interaction indicate that knowledge delivery is 95.59% in online classes as compared to 81.83% that was earlier experienced in physical classrooms. Student interaction has also risen from 65% to 82%.  

Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, pointed out that as the industry is rapidly changing, students need to be equipped with skills that will help them innovate and address the dynamic nature of job opportunities in the current scenario. Dr. Shukla advised, “Students need to understand the needs and pain points of customers and deliver quality products quickly and efficiently. To survive the global competitive environment, one needs to be armed with ethical principles and interpersonal skills.” 

Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Adamas University, shared the ten attributes needed to develop next-generation professionals. “Along with the right attitude, a natural flair for communication and the importance of culture studies, the power of ideation – especially thinking laterally, is paramount. A strong foundation in management helps to drive and develop a successful business,” said Prof Ujjwal.

He also discussed media convergence, brand sensitivity, having an eye for detail, understanding consumer insights, and blending learning with practical performance and observation skills – in the context of live projects, internships, and an entrepreneurial mind. 

Dr. Ashish S. Kulkarni, Chairman, FICCI for Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics Forum and Chairman, MCCIA Animation & Gaming committee, spoke about the future of curriculum design and advised the next generation to focus on livelihood and not on lifestyle. He cautioned students that a crunch awaits and they need to sharpen their skills and undertake training to ensure they do not get left behind. Ashish advised universities, “Undertake cross-functional discipline in your curriculum and incorporate a life-skills department. Creativity is the essence of any profession – business, medicine, or the law. Design Thinking must be integrated into every course.” 

This initiative was a part of the Event and Entertainment Management Association’s (EEMA) drive to lead dialogue within its members and with Government, Statutory Bodies, Corporate Industry, Vendors, and Artistes, to drive change and be the change in the events, media and entertainment business. 

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This exclusive interaction titled “Developing Next-Generation Professionals” brought together eminent educationists along with Sushma Gaikwad, who steered the discussion.

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