The Wedding Connections Designs & Plans the Most Lavish Homecoming Celebrations in Sikar, Rajasthan

Weddings | May 5, 2020 | News

Aqua Garden Resort, Sikar, Rajasthan

The Wedding Connections designed, produced, and planned the lavish homecoming celebrations of Ex Union Minister Subhash Maharia’s 2-month-old grandson, Suvyan on February 16th, 2020. A vibrant palette of white and blue with hints of peach & lemon yellow let out the natural landscape of Aqua Garden Resort, Sikar, Rajasthan.

From magnificent chandelier ceilings to romantic Moroccan canopy seating, exotic floral arrangements, kid-friendly elephant motifs, and intricate entertainment and culinary arrangements, space was transformed into the dreamland for a wide guest list of 25,000 people. 

To announce their son’s birth to all the near and dear ones, the proud parents, Vineet and Sumati saw no better place for celebrations than their native home, Sikar. So, it was no surprise they wanted it to be a family-centered celebration.

The production from the in-house team of The Wedding Connections started 3 days prior, for which they worked “to the T based” on the mood boards and specifications given by the client. 

With the range of our experiences in the industry, they created a stage in resemblance with a large and elegant living room of 20 pax capacity for homely feeling. This ambiance was well done with the cozy sofas, with a touch of chandelier roofs alongside the lamps on the sides.

 Also, the fine dining lounge was designed with a long feasting table of 48 pax for a family-style meal.

The venue was adorned with the exotic flowers, a mixture of greens and blooms along with oranges for flamboyance. 

Cane basket hangings and frill curtains were used to brighten the area where food was served. We added elements like a huge hashtag of Suvyan’s name with adorable animal motifs and flowers to modernize the event, as well as welcome the guests as they walk in. 

Another important detail loved by the guests was the 3 Instagram worthy photo booths at the celebrations crafted by our creative using balloons, fresh flowers & leaves, and real roots. 

The Wedding Connections had also arranged the Beats of Rajasthn band performing Rajasthani folk, fusion Bollywood, and instrumental music, at an eye-catching entertainment platform exclusively designed for them using Jali, modern props, and 70-80 hashtags with the birthday boy’s name for a personalized touch. 

80 by 80 feet specific play area was designed to make sure that the kids in attendance felt included. Furthermore, they were treated to a series of games & activities like Dart football, Aeroplane ride, trampoline, magic show, Columbus, tattoo making, etc. 

The couple asked for a menu with a key focus on authentic cuisines of Rajasthan, and that’s what they got! Also, an epic meal plan with 12 large buffet counters and 12 main salad & plate counters was incorporated to handle the wide guest list of 25,000 people without any fail. Silver cutlery and crockery were used for the touch of royalty.

 Amit Hooda, Founder & Director, The Wedding Connections said, “My team and I bring the ‘connections’ in our name to the forefront of all wedding planning to the execution experiences by connecting and clicking with the client's dream idea. The Wedding Connections helps the clients in solving their any event or wedding-related plan woes through its radically distinct features completely. We believe bringing them to fruition yet putting a strong focus on building a productive, happy and transparent efforts of our team - to initiate, plan, execute and customize the work as per the client’s expectations. With all this whirlpool of event-specific factors, we don’t forget to work in a well-planned theme, allocated time, and budget of the event.” 


Cupid Love Stories from Dehradun were hired to immortalize the moments of this day with their cinematography skills. TWC team very well heeded to the personal transport, parking, and security requirements of the event and its guests. 

The Wedding Connections designed, produced and planned the lavish homecoming celebrations of Ex Union Minister Subhash Maharia’s 2-month-old grandson, Suvyan on February 16th, 2020.

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