AVS India Moves to Virtual Events to Execute Digitally Immersive Experience Amidst COVID19 Outbreak

Marketing | May 1, 2020 | Promo Feature

Ajay Vadhvani Solutions (AVS India)

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has impacted the world of live events and experiential marketing resulting in the cancellation of multiple global events. To cope with the pandemic, AVS India has come with an innovative concept of virtual events wherein they will execute digitally immersive experiences for their clients. They are organizing events, exhibitions, activations and conferences through 3D Virtual reality technology.

Ajay Vadhvani Solutions (AVS India) is an Experiential Marketing Agency with its head office in New Delhi and regional offices in 6 cities in India. AVS has been serving illustrious clients for a decade and they have created indelible experiences for a multitude of Brands. In their 10 years of journey, they have organized Conferences, Exhibitions, Activations, Off-Sites, Product Launches, and many other marketing campaigns for brands ranging from Pharma Companies to Automobile companies, from sportswear to International alliances. 


The bogey led by passion has served 108 clients since its inception, AVS India completed its 10 years on April 2nd, 2020. They have successfully completed executed over 1080 projects in over 9 countries. They have tendered their service in almost every major city in the country, they have organized events in Hills, and have done activations in the deserts. They have had a relentless quest to create opportunity out of every stumbling block on the way. They have a team of 23 passionate dreamers and doers, who are led by an unflinching dedication. As they complete a decade in the industry, they marvel at the work they have done. 

AVS India is a bunch of passionate workaholics; they are dreamers and the doers. They have had sleepless nights and tireless days planning and executing projects. They work round the clock to deliver quality services to their clients. Their list of services includes Creative Campaigns, Events & Exhibitions, Experiential Marketing, Market Communication, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Video production, and Virtual Events. 
They have executed about 1080 projects in the last 10 years including Zebra Technologies, Jabong, Hummel, Puma, Tata Motors, Reebok, Sun Pharma, Cisco, ESPN and they can fill a page with their list of clients. 

Currently, they have completed projects in 37 cities in India and 9 countries across the globe. They have their teams and associates in all major cities in India and 9 countries in the world. 

In today’s world, everything is transient, things change rapidly and so should the strategies and mode of operation. Innovation is their motto; they are very quick to align themselves with rapidly changing technologies and services. They believe in the survival of the fittest, and one needs to churn continuously to stay relevant. 


AVS India completed its 10 years on April 2nd, 2020. The bogey led by passion has served 108 clients since its inception.

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