Believe Signs Music Distribution Deal with T M Music - an Initiative by Tarsame Mittal

Marketing | April 22, 2020 | Press Release

T M Music Believe Entertainment Tarsame Mittal

Believe, a digital distributor has signed a strategic deal with T M Music, an initiative of entrepreneur Tarsame Mittal. Tarsame Mittal’s initiative includes managing prominent music and comic talent from India, creating unique IPs such as a music conference & festival and working with a variety of clients for their live entertainment requirements. 

The deal will enable Believe to participate in the burgeoning indie music scene in India and take the music to all Local & International Digital Music Stores worldwide. T M Music is an artist's first Label and promises to create and promote good non-film music. The songs are curated by some of the best musical minds in the country. Music Industry Veteran Atul Churamani and Music Producer, Sunny M.R. will be leading the music label.

Tarsame Mittal, Founder, TM Talent Management said, “I have been a part of the Music Industry for about 15 years now. Ever since we started managing music talent, we have been working with Film Makers and Music Labels, much of which has revolved around film music creators and performers. The country though has a host of unexplored talent and with the digital revolution has opened up a wide market, this talent can be brought to the fore. We aim to create some great music with these passionate and talented people under the guidance of the best minds in the industry. 

I’m delighted at partnering with Believe, which stands for the same values as TM Music. We believe in creativity, transparency and fairness with all artists and creators of music and the business entities that put their might behind getting the music to audiences. These are exciting and challenging times and I must compliment the Believe management and KGV in particular on signing with a new label. It shows how much faith they repose in us and also inspires us to deliver great music!”

KGV Kiran Kumar, Head of Sales & Distribution, Believe India,  said “ From being total strangers to striking the right chord over an informal chat with Tarsame, it was pure coincidence. We had first spoken about the power of independent music two quarters ago. It was a meeting of minds over the concept, with a no holds barred approach to executing this deal in record time. Tarsame is a man of many thoughts and comes with a serious speed of execution. Through this deal, Believe will leverage the exciting artist roster at TM Music and bring new talent to create great independent music.

The rise in digital music consumption is largely credited to the growing needs of the sub 25 years audience. This is the audience moving away from commercial movie music and wants a real GEN Z experience. Our deal with TM Music will empower younger artists across the country to be mentored by the best music minds and create high-class independent music. TM Music will not only leverage our seamless distribution system but also benefit from our global expertise in taking our music Truly International ”


The initiative includes managing prominent music and comic talent from India, creating unique IPs such as a music conference & festival and working with a variety of clients.

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