Exclusive Interview with Pramod Lunawat, Millennium Event sharing about their IP, Challenges & More!

Marketing | April 21, 2020 | Interview

Millennium Event Pramod Lunawat India International Wedding Connections Experience

With an aim to curate, create and execute experiences, Millennium Event ensures to customize every detail to achieve what is expected by the client. In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Pramod Lunawat, Founder & CEO, Millennium Event gives an insight about their exclusive IP – India International Wedding Connections Experience, future plans and more!

Know more in the excerpts below –

How was the idea of your IP – ‘India International Wedding Connections Experience’ conceived and how did you action it? Please share the details.

Having attended conventions/events across the world both on Indian and international weddings, I learnt what was there and what could have been in those events. As Marriageuana, we have been into luxury Indian weddings since 2012 and I wished to filter a convention down to just the right size with the right content for the right attendees/audience creating the right buzz and opportunities for seekers of business from the Destination Indian wedding market – outbound and inbound. This is how India International Wedding Connections came into being!

Especially, as our event agency and truly our firstborn, Millennium Event completed 20 years, we were keen to celebrate it with announcing something worthwhile in 2019. Specifically, on October 2, 2019, wedding planners and friends from wedding associated businesses were invited to be part of India International Wedding Connections and then about a couple of months later, there was consensus that this group must meet in the real world too and thus we announced “IIWC experience”.

Can you share insights on how ‘India International Wedding Connections Experience’ benefited the Wedding Planners, Suppliers, and Venue Providers?

As you’d observe from the many comments from the people who matter, from the industry,  the venue providers, destination heads, supply chain businesses that they appreciated the size, the specific and relevant content curated and time slots and platforms presented to network in a very free and informal way.

What are the challenges being faced by the Indian Wedding Industry today and how can these be eliminated?

At present, the Indian wedding business faces an unprecedented crisis of cancellations, of the paucity of ideas to revive the market and of the logical estimate of a timeline to plan in this COVID-19 era. Indeed, it is a situation where paranoia may take over soon.

I feel the wedding planning fraternity needs to be talking to both sides of the table – the venues/the suppliers on one side and the clients/couples on the other and bring them to terms with understanding the right scale of a wedding in the next few quarters, bridge the demand-supply gap by mitigating reliability only on auspicious wedding dates and handle monetary issues with empathy. Also, present them with opportunity 12-18 months down the line should they be willing to wait if the scale of the wedding is not desired to be reduced. Wedding planning teams have a lot to train to bring themselves and their supply chain up to the mark with requirements of hygiene, sanitization and best practices for healthy gatherings.

I am an eternal optimist though and having spoken to many stakeholders, I am certain that by the beginning of the next financial year we will get back to the “original normal”

What other future initiatives are planned through Millennium Event?

Millennium Event will keep continuing its work for first-class corporate clients and take steps to bring the next IIWC experience at the earliest opportunity, next year. It is also curating a few other event ideas that may turn into IPs.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Pramod Lunawat, Founder & CEO, Millennium Event gives an insight about their exclusive IP – India International Wedding Connections Experience & more.

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